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Tides Parasite v1.121: an alternative firmware for MI Tides
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Author Tides Parasite v1.121: an alternative firmware for MI Tides
Here it is! w00t

After Clouds and Frames, this is the official announcement for the release of Tides Parasite, a free alternative firmware for Mutable Instrument Tides. If you don't know the Parasites series already, these alternative firmware projects add enhancements to the existing functionalities of the modules, and provide completely new modes that can turn your module into something radically different with a few button presses.

Tides Parasite adds the following features to Tides:

  • Two-bumps: a silky 16-voices harmonic oscillator (a.k.a. additive synthesizer) with two spectral bumps or notches, control over centroids and width, harmonics selection, wave quality, a sub-oscillator, a 1-bit output, and a special harmonics shuffling output for unusual, random timbres.
  • Two-drunks: a complex, duophonic random walk generator with selectable interpolation, driven by two altered clocks: one is jittery, the other simulates a biased coin toss. This mode is quite versatile and can be used as: an oscillator with PLL, a Bernoulli gate, a random trigger delay, a stepped, smooth or waveshaped random voltage generator, a random burst generator, a surprising filtered noise source... and probably more!
  • A built-in quantizer with a choice of 7 scales.
  • Through-zero linear FM (instead of exponential).

All features of the official firmware are left untouched and still accessible (with the exception of a few enhancements mentioned in the manual). As usual, the firmware and its documentation are accessible on the website of the project:

This firmware has been stress-tested by a handful of intrepid beta-testers (thank you guys). Here are two videos presenting the new modes:

v1.0 was the first stable release including two-bumps and two-drunks.
v1.11 doubles the number of harmonics in two-bumps and adds TZFM.
v1.121 reduces a bit the number of harmonics and reverts TZFM.

A last word: I am particularly proud of this project on Tides (false modesty aside oops I really hope you'll like it);I had so much trouble letting it go that I even considered having people pay for it, but soon renounced, as it was really not the spirit of the Parasites series from the beginning. Yet, it took me a considerable amount of time to code, so if you use one of the Parasites regularly, like this work and want to support the project, please consider donating via the PayPal button on the website. If you do, there will be more!
Sounds amazing! Thanks for your time and generosity. Hope to Install tonight.
Man I can't wait to get home to try this out thx!
cannonball swandive
So awesome! Definite donation will come from my way! Your firmware is appreciated by the community.
Wow! I don't have Tides, but I have the other two modules and the relevant parasites. Reading through the manual for this one reveals just how much work has gone into the documentation alone. And it makes me want Tides now!
cannonball swandive
I was considering purchasing Wogglebug today but after skimming over the features this may suit me just fine.
hmm, totally surprising !
not the sound i would have surched for in a VCO to be bought....totally not my territory...until now......
I totally enjoyed some jamming right now !

had the sound running thru two Clouds,
one in resonester mode, the other in oliverb.
its kinda a dreamteam hihi

i just could listen thru headphones right now, need to relisten tomorrow.
....was awesome.

MUCH thanks !
nice surprise !

ok, had a listen in the kitchen,
what a fun. so meditative

yup, very meditative !!
Im donating - everything about this is amazing and you so deserve something financial.....

Thank you smile

getting really close to LEGENDARY WIGGLER status...
can someone post a video with the parasite features on tides?
cannonball swandive
The creator will most likely as he has for his other firmware but it may take some time.
Can't wait to try this out! Thank you mqtthiqs!
I've been trying to get this installed and am having no luck. The best I get is about 5 seconds into cycling and then the leds go red. I've adjusted my computers output up and down as well as the volume levels in Quicktime and iTunes with all extraneous audio on my Mac off. I've used a stereo cable and a mono cable. Any tips from those of you that have been successful, I don't want to mess with Clouds or Frames if I'm not successful with Tides.
cannonball swandive
Fm knob fully cw and vol. turned all the way up from my iPhone works for me.
Use single patch cable, follow the settings of the module from the manual for upgrading your module.Simply highlight the wav upgrade file and hit the space bar this will playback the wav file to your module don't bother with iTune or quicktime.Volume at max :-)
As above YOU MUST HAVE the FM knob fully CW at 120clock the update doesn't work :-)
Thanks for the reply, it's bricked or not. I was able to get it back to stock with the iPhone trick. Phew! we're not worthy
Excellent work mqtthiqs. Donation sent.
amazing, just got a tides this weekend to run sheep but will definitely give this a shot!

Tides with Parasite mode installed takes a drunken walk with Peaks, Clouds Braid's and Basimilus Iteritas
Thank you, you are utterly awesome. love we're not worthy
Incredible! I haven't even installed the Frames Parasite, thought about selling the Tides and now this. AWESOME!!!
super hyped for this! thnks mqtthiqs!!
This looks really interesting. Is the harmonic oscillator by any chance based on the new braids "harm" mode?
Hi guys, thank you for the kind words! It's so rewarding to read feedback and hear demos already!

Two-bumps is not based on braids' HARM, no. Funny story: I sent this to Olivier a couple of weeks back and we realized we'd been working on the same kind of thing at the same time. Second time it happens!

About video demos: i'll do some if noone does, but it's really not my thing, and I won't have time for this in the next few weeks, maybe a month. If someone is interested, I'd be really happy to help write or proof read a "script" or something.
This looks like a serious amount of work and I am really looking forward to checking it out - will send a donation tonight..
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