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Plumbutter messed up my Maths
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Author Plumbutter messed up my Maths
A word of warning for anyone using eurorack with plumbutter: be careful of the brown sockets.
Last night I was using the EOR pulse out from a cycling channel of my maths into the green input of the man with red steam, via the low-gain utl-1 minijack/banana which was grounded correctly. All was going well until I plugged an orange from the MWRS to a brown node and the sequence stopped. My maths channel was fried -- the envelope wouldn't cycle or trigger manually and plugging the EOR into a scope showed it was giving out a constant -5v. Power cycling the modular did not fix the problem but bizarrely after leaving it off overnight and turning it on this morning, the envelope seems to work ok again, but the EOR output is still busted.

I'm a bit surprised that this could happen, especially since I didn't even connect the maths directly to the brown. Any thoughts as to why this occurred would be much appreciated. Plumbutter was powered by normal 12v power supply.
supergregg wrote:
be careful of the brown sockets.

Apparently there is a part of my brain that is still 5 years old...
Don't eat the brown acid.
I had an issue where when I was exploring triggering an old drum machine with plumbutter outs one of the three rollz stopped working
The only advice peter gave in hooking up other modulars was to not connect anything to the brown inputs because they were "funky". Its the base of a transistor so it can do weird things, especially when connected to a couple of places.
Drunken Homer Simpson
corpusjonsey wrote:
Don't eat the brown acid.
As far as I understood you did that:

Maths (EOR) => (green) MWTRS (orange) => (brown)Roll

Nothing wrong and nothing dangerous in my opinion, we know that these Browns are androgynous (wheren't that the 'fishy' ones?), but they where not connected with your Maths. Everything, what came out of them, had to pass the MWTRS in the opposite direction (and out of the clock input), and I wonder if this could happen?

Maybe somebody with more knowing of the electrics behind that (MWTRS is a 4015 at the end of the day) could answer that?

So far my fear was to kill the PB with negative voltages from the Euro, but now it seeems to be a good idea, to patch whatever goes from Euro to PB through a adapter-box with build in Diode, to let the signal go only in one direction... time for the soldering iron... Guinness ftw!
is there any danger of damaging the PB this way. Just got a UTL1 box and thought I'd try it out with the dreadbox whitelines lfo and function generator I have sitting around, before using it with my maths or other make noise gear. I don't mind too much about the possibility of breaking the dread box gear but I don't want to hurt the plumbutter.
just don't use the brown jacks for anything outside of the plumbutter for best results

if you want to jerk the roll use the blue jacks
if you want CV from the roll use the orange jacks
Note to self, leave the browns alone in their happy PB wooden world.
PLNB wrote:
Note to self, leave the browns alone in their happy PB wooden world.

i don't remenber where but petter alraedy say that !
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