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DMM recommendations?
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Author DMM recommendations?
I need an accurate DMM for measuring voltage scaling etc, but nothing too fancy. I actually do not own a decent DMM right now and need it for all the design work I am doing.

Some people have recommended the Fluke 187/287 but I wonder if that is overkill since they are pretty pricey.
Voltage scaling? Hmmm.

I use a fluke 115 for most stuff, it works really well.

I also have a cheapo dmm from radio shack out in the garage, that speaking honestly is really good enough for most of what I need. I think it cost under 15$.

The fluke stuff is built really well and is extremely durable. And you can often find second hand stuff for really great prices on ebay, so look around.
sduck wrote:
Voltage scaling? Hmmm.

yeah that does not make too much sense eh? What I meant was measuring CV voltage outputs for tuning purposes etc. (e.g. adjusting scale and tune)

The Fluke 115 looks like a great basic DMM and they are only $150!
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