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Author Oscilloscope
So.. n00b question here.

How do you hook up an Oscilloscope, say, to your modular?

I'm getting back into DIY and would like an oscilloscope that could be used to probe circuits and to capture output from my modular. But all I see are BNC (?) connectors on most scopes. Fine for probes, but how to take a look at cv's/etc from the modular?
I've got a BNC jack hooked up to a 1/4" jack - just plug it directly in. It works for most stuff fine. Probes are need for accurate measurements of voltages and such but for just basic use you don't need them. I've also got a collection of small clip on connectors and alligator clip type stuff for troubleshooting pcb's - again, just wired directly to the scope.

One caveat - I have a very old scope I bought for 21$, so I'm not really that concerned about blowing it up or anything. If you've paid real money for your scope you may want to listen to someone else on this.
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