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Books, websites, or documentaries about electronic subgenres
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Author Books, websites, or documentaries about electronic subgenres
I want to know if anyone knows of any good resources for learning about genres and subgenres of electronic music and its evolution? I have a good historical grasp of electronic music but would like to have a little more general understanding of the nuances of the different subgenres. Maybe some good charts or perhaps a podcast? Thanks!
Not sure if it's the right kind of electronic music, but:
I had a copy of THIS back in the day. It's basically an encyclopedia of reviews, but I remember it being pretty dense.

Lots of genres, sub genres, sub sub genres...

Not entirely accurate and may be somewhat outdated, but nonetheless a great site.
My personal favourites:

Techno Rebels - 14334385

Bass Culture - When Reggae was King -

Dub - soundscapes and shattered songs - 19565725

All three highly recommended.
(Yes of course Reggae is not technically EM, but its influence especially via dub is so far reaching as to be required learning, and to understand dub you need to understand reggae. IMO)

I really like the charts on It's pretty well layed out and gives a sense of influence in music over time. Thanks a lot tarandfeathers! I just wish it would be updated for the 2000s and music being producing today. I'll perhaps check out out Techno Rebels as well.

I thought "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" was a great read on the start of dance music. I thought it was interesting hearing about the djs finding obscure Motown records in Manchester or London and creating a dance scene known as Northern Soul.
Still no Snobcore though waah
Tago Mago
Some documentaries:

Dcramer wrote:
Still no Snobcore though waah

What about mygrowlycatcore? This is fun!
Smokey wrote:

Lots of genres, sub genres, sub sub genres...

I love Ishkur's guide! Lots of snark in the descriptions.
Robert McLeod
The more I learn, the more I realize I don't know. As with many, when I first discovered electronic music (way back when record shops had electronic music sections) I thought I knew how that was defined. With time, not so much.

Ishkur has assembled a VERY HANDY interactive guide to electronic music genre / grouping / history guide here
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