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List of Frac module manufacturers
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Author List of Frac module manufacturers
Frac module makers as of August 2008:


Blacet (USA)

Wiard (USA)

Metalbox (USA)

STG Soundlabs (USA)


Bananalogue (USA)

Cyndustries (USA)

Encore Electronics (USA)

Ad Infinitum (USA)

I keep forgetting about Ad Infinitum. He only sells direct and I've never seen one of his multiple panels. Much the same goes for Grant's Frac modules; plus, he has no data on his product section for them, but some are still listed for sale. And Tony of Encore keeps a very low profile.

I'm going to leave MFOS out, because as far as I can tell, they are DIY-oriented only and don't sell actual finished Frac modules AFAIK. Not sure what to do about Livewire, their Frac module was limited issue and is out of production. Future Sound Systems is a custom builder. I also think Analog Metropolis/Emulator Archive should be considered a custom builder, there is no mention of Frac panels on his site--just ARP 2500 and E-Mu panel replicas. Can anyone prove that Oakley is CURRENTLY making Frac modules?

So, that's 10 Frac and 13 Euro.

Notice something about Frac? It's a 100% American scene....
it's the inch-measure of the synth world. SlayerBadger!
Muff Wiggler
Synthasonic as well (USA)
Thanks. You ought to make this a sticky.
Muff Wiggler
good call, done
I build modules in any format, so I guess I make Frac modules hehe. Mr. Green
Flight of Harmony

The Bananalogue URL is now a commercial place holder. I can't find a new web site for them.
KissBox is manufacturing the HDCV88 control module in Frac format (here is the link to KissBox)

(Other modules are being developed right now, but it's too early to announce them)
Thanks for looking after us frac guys! Definitely looks like a module I'd be interested in.
Despite overwhelming advice to the contrary, we are going to be pushing out a series of the Analog Metropolis legacy modules (Series 2XXX, 3XXX and 4XXX) in kit form and assembled, both traditional 3.5mm jacks and banana jacks. First up is the AM4023 Low Pass Filter, expected later this month. Stay tuned for demos, photos et al. The prototypes are working and all parts ordered, just awaiting panels and assembly. We are putting them out in an 'EZ Kit' format with full instructions, documents and some assembly changes to simplify kit building.

Fingers crossed that existing frac users will enjoy new choices and new users will move into the format
I'm interested in this filter of which you speak. screaming goo yo
well these are rough but give you an idea- this is the frac version (standard jack)

I am using an MOTM Thomas Henry SN Voice just to provide the basic audio in
Looking forward to seeing it (and subsequent modules) SlayerBadger!
any updates to this thread?
seriously, i just don't get it
new synthcube kits? have we lost any frac companies?
I'm pretty sure Synthcube is still moving ahead as planned. I just received the am4023 and a Barton Dual Simple Quantizer in the mail today. I also put a deposit on a 258J Dual VCO that is coming soon.
I've also read that Synthcube may be offering Bubblesound modules in the future.

I can also say that Metalbox is still in the frac game. Mike is working on an order for me now that I hope to see in the new year. hyper

Blacet and Paia are still around with John at Blacet making the Synthesis Technology offerings available in Frac.

Synthasonic, Wiard, FoH, and STG have all abandoned the format, but there still appear to be occasional limited runs from Bananalogue and Cyndustries. I think I remember reading that Tom at BugBrand is pretty much out, too.

But there is always DIY, and there are several Wigglers around now that will do custom builds in any format you require.

There is still a good selection of modules, IMHO SlayerBadger!
that's all accurate with regards to more frac from us....

in addition:
- hexinverter is coming- starting with jupiter storm and gallilean moons
- next couple of analog metropolis modules- AM2140 and AM3320 filters
- andrewf dual neron/diff rectifier
- barton dual decaying noise and others
- steiner synthasystem quad vco, vcf and others (based on david ingebretsen's relaunch of the classic steiner design)
- more from j3rk- dual mirror core vco, flop sequencer, etc.

it will all take time, but we are advancing.
what they ^ said!

thumbs up
This thread hasn't been active in awhile, but I can't help wondering who is still actively making Frac modules at the moment.

In addition to Blacet and Metalbox, that is.

Are there new folks creating modules in this format? (I'm especially curious as someone with a few gaps in the frac case).
The inventor of frac is still in the game: PAiA!
Excellent: PAiA, Blacet, Metalbox. Others?
Synthcube sells Frac panels and kits for several DIY modules, and they also sell completed versions of a few of them! grin
yes, I've purchased several fully assembled frac format modules from Synthcube in the last year, or so.
We are continuing to invest in new Frac modules as well... There's a category in our webstore and any kit we offer is available assembled in traditional or banana smile
Recent Frac acquisitions include modules from:
Stroh Modular

And in banana! nanners
Oh... and a Synthesis Technology E350 in BugBrand format with banana jacks.
Used one of these a few months back and was happy to finally located one for myself. nanners
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