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4u Cases
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Author 4u Cases
Seriously you'd think with a standard 19'' rack configuration someone would make some better cases, or something along the lines of what Synthrotek has done with their euro waterproof cases standardized for 4u.

The sKB and Gator cases are options, but seem a bit bulky. I'd like something more portable in the lines for holding a 2 Panel system, maybe with the possibility of having it 5'' in depth to support either a 4.5 boat or a 2.5 boat with a mount under the boat to support a ps2a for power or some sort of option there... A nice lid also that can be removed, but deep enough to support at least a 2 stacked patch also. Need some better portable cases. Any ideas out there?
i did ask Enclave cases some time ago but he couldn't do as he was too busy to do a one off.

Elite cases is what i would like - they are very light. I believe this was setup by one of the persons who setup Enclave. They maybe worth trying.
Hmmm... not with the PS2A under-mounted. The market for Serge was limited to STS Serge for a very long time, limited in market size, which also limited the nature/shape of cases. STS maintained the format alive when there was little support for modulars, but it also created limitations of what could be had. Thinking was to house power outside/away from modules to reduce interference.

Some of my Serge is currently housed in an 8-panel ZERO case and a STS briefcase (2 panels), both using 2.5" boats. Have also used SKB 12u mixer cases for panel transport, but never modified it for under-mounting power, not enough room in any of them.

If you got rid of boats it might be a different story as you would have more room underneath.

Just not aware of a case that would do what you want off the bat.
Completely possible. But you have to realize, it does require more of a DIY approach and ignoring STS. Elby Designs just put out a new power distributors, one passive, one active specifically designed for CGS, it could be used with a laptop wall wart. So you can do something like having a TKB and Voice panel. Or something similar. Again, pulling something like this off would require a bit more work, and working with somebody who makes cases (ie Weedywizz). Or you can comission it with somebody who does DIY. Not sure if it's for everyone, but realize a smaller form factor is possible, and I have seen it before.
This is my Serge case. It was DIY based on a monorocket design.
Its very heavy though. The 2x PS2a stays on the outside. It was built by a friend of Dmitri at COA. One side is 2 1/2" and the other side is 4 1/2" boat
Anyone know if 2 Serge Panels will fit in the new BUchla Easel cases? 2.5 boat or would require taking out of the boat. maybe some manipulation?

Does anyone know where to get the Buchla Easel cases? Anyone have an extra gutted case they want to sell, or know where buchla gets them made from? Thinking this may be the best option to fit 2 panels into that I've seen.
how about this?

SWAMP ABS Mixer Case - 8U - 19 inch - Adjustable Height Rack Rails

Standard 19" Rack Case
Outer Case Dimensions;
Width: 510mm
Height: 200mm
Depth: 440mm
Rack Rail Length (depth): 355.60mm (8x 44.45mm / 8RU)
Available depth (when closed): 115mm (from the level of the rack rail)
Lid depth (from rail to lid): 60mm
Weight : 4kg
Rack Units: 8U
Includes set of rack bolts
i have the 8u swamp case. build quality isn't the best, but considering the price i guess it's okay. a hard shell case is definitely a big plus if you travel a lot with your gear.
Was just thinking about this the other day.

The lineage of the Serge modular doesn't really matter - fact is lots of 4U of various styles are quickly emerging and there are very few options in the department of portability.

I also wondered if the Easel cases could house some panels, but they're pretty expensive even when they show up used.

The Random Source boats I use have the XLR sticking out of the side, which is not very rack friendly but I'd be willing to drill holes and have the power supply outside of the case.
LVU wrote:
i have the 8u swamp case. build quality isn't the best, but considering the price i guess it's okay. a hard shell case is definitely a big plus if you travel a lot with your gear.

is there a way to get the power cables out without raising it? (i.e. can you play your modules flat?)
from what i can see from the pics, it seems the you have to raise (tilt?) it in order to make path for the cables. (or drill a hole somewhere).
yes unfortunately you can't play it flat without modifaction. generally i guess it's more a short-time solution for me - easy to get, but not perfect at all. as already said built-quality isn't really good either.
so if somebody finds a better case somewhere, i'm curious!
I did a Halliburton with detachable hinges for a Serge user earlier this year. I've seen one other one on Muffs that somebody else did similarly. It just has rails mounted inside and different boats can be swapped in. The user was going to mount his PS in the gap at the top.

I thinned the case as I usually do for Easels, so it was perfect for a 3" depth boat, but you could also leave the case depth as it is and use it for a 4.5" boat.

Saw this at a synth expo today: tions-4u-case-pre-order

more geared for Buchla stuff but hopefully some development for the R*S/LW/STS stuff. Would be rad to have one thats rackmountable and ready to go for panels!
(unfortunately just when i decided to go 12U meh )
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