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Blacet FX / Reverb Audio
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Author Blacet FX / Reverb Audio
Kendall Station
Anyone have one? How's it sound? Impressions?
My kit came yesterday!

I put it together tonight and have run it for all of twenty minutes or so but it's made a good first impression.

As a kit it's real easy. Partly because it's Blacet but also because the whole DSP part is a pre-assembled sub board (surface mount), so what's left to the kit builder is pretty simple. I bananafied it of course. All that involves is drilling out the holes a bit (3 steps on my step drill) and wiring the banana jacks is probably less work than assembling the sub-board for the mini jacks would have been. FYI, there's no normals on this module.

Faults? Headroom is limited so you have to watch out for clipping. If the effect is contributing level you'll want to back off the input a lot more than the clipping indicator might suggest. Adjusting the delay time makes little ticky sounds while you are adjusting it.

Sounds? The best thing is that no matter which effect you have dialed up you also have CV-able reverb to add on top. Kind of a two for one. The reverb is quite good. I liked Echo and Echo repeat. If the Chorus, Flanging and Phasing sound like crap to you then turn down the input and try again. That did the trick for me. Tremelo is wonderfully wobbly. Vibrato is not anything you can't do with an LFO and a VCA but what the heck it does that too. [Edit: I got my terms mixed up, vibrato is the wobbly one] Obviously, a piece of studio gear costing ten times as much will do a better job but there is a lot of useful stuff here.

Here's a test. New one, 3/31/2010
This one slowly modulates the two effects CVs and periodically brings the reverb in and out. Over the five minutes or so you get most of the possible combinations. (7MB mp3)

2/6/2011 Echo and (at the end) reverb

Great post bananaplug! applause
Kendall Station
thanks banana plug I'll get listening! may have to pick one of these up.
does CV control of delay time make ticking sounds??

Is the ticking sound annoying?
scozbor wrote:
does CV control of delay time make ticking sounds??

Is the ticking sound annoying?

Knob or CV is the same thing. It's there but it's not real loud. There's a statement about it in the manual.
Not to beat this to death or anything, here's two quick demos. One is just the two echo effects with the delay time and VCO pitch derived from one LFO. For the other one VCO pitch, effect select, and the two effect CVs are on separate LFOs. There's no reverb on any of these (kind of a shame). thumbs up

I have a nicer version of the multi-LFO patch going now. Will probably post that eventually. [Edit: You can find that in the first post now]
Thanks for sharing those, be interested to hear how the reverb sounds.
Ticks aren't bothering me on your demo. I will be ordering soon...... Drums!
I made one more better test, stuck it in the first post, deleted two earlier ones and I think it's time for me to pull those patch cords and move on.
The FX3030 has disappeared since the Blacet web site re-do!

Or is it discontinued?
the walls of the temple are falling.
Rumor has it some kits may still be available if you email Blacet...
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