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live streaming modular

Post by DonaldCrunk » Sat Oct 03, 2015 1:16 pm

I've been experimenting a little bit with live streaming - i'm certainly not the first by any means, and have enjoyed people streaming modular on various services before - but I didn't realize what a great incentive it can be for practice, as well as really forcing you to stay on your toes and keep it 'interesting' . When people come to see you at a venue, they're pretty much stuck there unless they want to look like an asshole and walk out. Obviously the internet doesn't work like that - if the 10 year old watching your stream isn't entertained, he's going to click away in like 2 seconds. it's pretty humbling to see that viewer count at "0", while seeing that number climb into the double digits can be pretty exciting i guess.

that tension that is introduced by having someone view your performance (or even _potentially_ view your performance) has really helped me improve my live set i think, and those improvement points are important. just knowing that someone is watching really forces you to be at your best, as opposed to you & your cat practicing your live set alone in your basement.

here's some of the streaming services i've either spectated on or streamed on. most of us are at least aware of these services, and I know a lot of you might be involved in video game streaming or even modular streaming, so i'd love to hear any insights on the topic of streaming or additional services you may have used.

ustream - one of the earliest streaming services i remember, seems to have poised itself as an open streaming platform that can be used for streaming whatever you want. no social network to speak of with this service, so you have to promote the stream yourself. i've watched several modular streams on this service but have not used it myself. several pricing tiers appear to be available. Streaming on ustream requires computer, webcam, audio interface. I believe ustream can be operated mostly via the web interface for simple stuff like this.

youtube - youtube has a streaming service! it works well, and if you have a sizable youtube following this can be a really great service i think. My own youtube channel is very small, usually hovering around 350 or so subscribers, so i haven't tried live streaming here yet. when you go 'live' on Youtube, you will appear in your subscriber's subscription lists with a big LIVE on your video. i expect many of us have seen this. if your subscriber base is not that large, then not many people will see that you're live without you working to promote the stream on other platforms. Streaming on youtube will require a decent computer, youtube account, webcam and audio interface for line audio. Doesn't require OBS, you can do everything thru the web interface.

twitch - probably the highest viewership and largest 'built-in' social network, Twitch makes it really easy to find interesting content. they recently introduced a 'music' section - it's usually dudes playing "rock band" or whatever, with the occasional ableton live mouse clicking session or DJ set. definitely have thick skin if you want to stream on Twitch, 10 year olds can be really mean - but you'll have the most viewers out of the gate if you choose to. Streaming modular on twitch will require a decent computer, webcam, audio interface and a piece of software like OBS.

periscope - a mobile-based streaming service. low quality, as it's meant to work over cellular phone networks - but also quickly accessible and able to be used anywhere. I wan't able to get line audio going with this yet, which is somewhat frustrating. I think this service would be really cool in perhaps an outdoor setting, or for setting your phone up to film your festival live set or something like that. Requires only your phone and some way to get audio into your phone.

chat roulette - tried streaming modular once on chat roulette, as a social experiment. ended up playing arpeggios to an endless stream of penises. do not use chat roulette to stream your modular live set.

love to hear input from any of you. Now that the audience for modular music has started to expand from just other musicians to more regular jag-offs, i think we will see live modular more often on some of these services.

since i spent forever typing this, i hope you don't mind some minor self promotion. this is the line audio from a couple periscope streaming sessions i did. i did some mild editing to stitch them together. I decided not to use a looping pedal at all, and made all my transitions by repatching parts of the synth while other bits were playing. this was difficult and led to many tangled wires, but i'm happy with how the set turned out. very few watched, but it helped me to improve and taught me some lessons.

lots of arpeggios, ASR and stepped modulation. think Laurie Spiegel, Terry Riley (sorta), Steve Reich with more distortion. ... odular-set

and here's the system I used + a delay pedal. i'm very much in the post-lunchbox era these days. love to see you Instagram BTW, i'm not on Muff's often anymore!

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Post by Suburban Bather » Sat Oct 03, 2015 2:33 pm

Not being helpful here, but the idea of people jerking off to your modular noodling actually sounds fun in a weird way :lol:
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Post by DonaldCrunk » Sat Oct 03, 2015 2:42 pm

Suburban Bather wrote:Not being helpful here, but the idea of people jerking off to your modular noodling actually sounds fun in a weird way :lol:
well, it was certainly entertaining for the first 10 minutes or so. after that the same penises started coming back around again. figured if i was starting to be able to identify each discreet penis, it might be time to stop streaming on chat roulette :lol:

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Post by brennac » Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:37 am

This brings up a great point. In 2017, there is a variety of live stream softwares and social live streaming websites and apps. In my opinion, each one has its own perks and drawbacks.

The live streaming platform or software a business uses depends on a lot of factors (what it's trying to accomplish with live streaming, how developed its marketing strategy is, what target audience it want to reach, and so on).

This article gives a great summary of the top social live streaming platforms for businesses to use in 2017:

I recommend checking out the article to compare with the notes about YouTube and Periscope on this forum.

I hope this helps!

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Post by rimbod » Mon Mar 06, 2017 11:29 pm

I've been thinking about this a bunch. I'm thinking of converting one of my old iPhones into a Youtube machine, cos I was given a thing that'll let me take sound straight from my mixer to an iPhone and it's all just sitting there going unused anyway. Y'know, kindof as a patch diary online, maybe demoing some of the modules I have that don't have many demos up already.

And then I was like, if the rig works, why not take that over to Twitch or Younow or something. Youtube streaming seems like a pretty good platform as well.

I live-streamed a bunch of a jam I had with a friend on Facebook just using my phone's built-in mic, and it was surprisingly easy and the quality wasn't particularly bad, though I'd much rather the audio have come directly from the mixer we were using. I can imagine if the FB page I've made for my synth stuff had more people following it or if I had spread news about streaming the jam earlier, it could be a very effective tool for reaching a wide-spread audience.

Facebook will keep a recording of what you stream up on your page too, if you so desire. Friends who couldn't tune into our stream (because of timezone stuff and whatnot) actually came and watched the clips later.

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Post by aokjoey0 » Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:04 am

I'm down with Up Periscope.... Nice.
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