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new New Order - Music Complete is great!
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Author new New Order - Music Complete is great!
Just listened to the new New Order- Music Complete after being a hard core Joy Division/ New Order fan up until techno/idm, jungle etc took over my interests.

Have to say this album is really great and there are only really 2 songs I dont like on it.

Def worth a listen
Yup, enjoying it now for the first time It's peanut butter jelly time!
Oui, not bad at all!
Tago Mago
Good news!
I don't like Plastic and Tutti Frutti but there are great songs.
I have a work mate that has a theory with New Order.
If the song's title is within the song's chorus - it is usually a crappy song.
And quite often I think he is right.

i tried and failed with the new one.
not my thing.
oh but jeez i love new order... just wanted to clarify:o)
Some weird compression (?) stuff going on that makes me displeased every time I notice it! Decent album, funny sound.
Like everything these days it seems to be mixed for iPod. Shit in otherwords.

And I thought the string arrangement on tutti fruiti was the best thing on the album. hihi
Like everything these days it seems to be mixed for iPod. Shit in otherwords.
Is it just gate-ducking, heavy compression or something else?

The older New Order stuff is so gorgeous, I've never wanted to listen to "remasters" of stuff from this era, all the depth gets sucked out.
Liked most of the tracks. I hope Hooky will make some new stuff in the future but it looks doubtfull I guess with all his joy division stuff going on. Really like his voice though.
2 thumbs up.
I'm a huge NO fan and I love all their albums from the 80's. But to me, the sound of New Order is the sound of Hooky's bass. So without him, it's not New Order. I'm unlikely therefore to get the new album.
neon beanbag
I will have to check this out...haven't heard very much of their new stuff. Vanishing point is one of my favorite songs ever.
Much prefer the more recently-released Complete Music versions.
As New Order albums go ... it's a Barney Sumner album (or rather they are). Both Music Complete and Complete Music are OK but nothing has broken my New Order top 20.
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