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Author ::blinnstrument...
Rockin' Banana! i've got an nw2s::b. and i also have a roger linn designs linnstrument so-called multi-dimensional polyphonic expession controller.

the linnstrument (which also runs on an arduino due) tracks finger movements across a 25 x 8 grid of small thumbs-size force sensing resistor pads and can be configured to send each note on its own midi channel with midi information containing W (velocity), X (note pitch + horizontal pitch bend across multiple sensors), Y (vertical finger position across the currently active sensor) and Z (pressure). it has both din and usb interfaces for sending midi messages.

i would like to develop a sketch that basically allows an nw2s::b to detect and connect with a linnstrument set to 4 notes of polyphony over usb.

the ::blinstrument sketch would then receive the note on/off and other cc messages (rotating sequentially through midi channels 1 - 4 for each note), add the pitches + pitch-bends, scale the integers and output corresponding voltage values from the ::b's 16 analog outputs. 4 of ::b's digital outputs would also be used for gate pulses for the notes.

the ::b's analog inputs could be used to control the scaling of midi amounts to voltages (and the like). but i'll probably leave that for a later version of the sketch after the basic functionality is all working.

it doesn't seem like it should be too hard to develop.... maybe something already exists?

anyone else have a ::b and a linnstrument, btw?

edit: i do see that scottw has posted this thread ( where he discusses one channel of what i'm looking for minus the Y-voltage. he also says its part of the prototyping for the forthcoming ::b2 (which makes me wonder if my lowly v1 ::b has sufficient computing horsepower for my requirements - we shall see....).

I don't have a Linnstrument but I just wanted to say that the v1 is no slouch. It can handle the task provided the code is efficient. And this is the sort of stuff the b is intended for in my opinion.
thumbs up yeah, i figure if the linnstrument's ardino due can manage all the sensor, led and midi message processing on its side, the ::b should have no problems keeping up since it is the same processor.

hmmm..... a more ambitious future goal for this project could be to develop an alternate firmware for the linnstrument that sends higher resolution osc messages, instead of of midi cc's, along with a new version of the ::blinstrument sketch to decode and process the osc messages into voltages and pulses.

Dead Banana but first, i need to get the basic multichannel-midi sketch working and loaded on my ::b (well first, i have to finish putting my modular system and other musical gears back together again, after having moved it all across town a few months back)....

Hey there... the linnstrument uses a due? That's interesting. Sorry I missed this discussion - for some reason MW isn't alerting me to any of my subscriptions.

I like that - ::blinstrument! I think the midi/osc would be easy to handle over USB - There is some USB/midi host code in the unstable branch right now which you could look at and see how far you get.

Looking forward to hearing more about it.

Have you done any more with this? I am looking at hooking up the ::b to a Snyderphonics Manta.
Would love to use my manta with my ::b. been getting back to it more recently.

Guinness ftw!
Waiting for Roger to turn it into a sequencer. Then I might buy one.
Jcsveth wrote:
Have you done any more with this? I am looking at hooking up the ::b to a Snyderphonics Manta.

sad banana alas, no - i've been too busy, lazy, something or whatever to get any things like this done over the the past year (probably the situating of my computer in a different room than my synth gear has been the biggest culprit in this regard - also, my re-entry into the activity of motorcycling has taken much of the spare weekend time away from the other activities).... i do think should try to get back into it though !

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