TELEPHONE GAME :AS random voltages/GATEs

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TELEPHONE GAME :AS random voltages/GATEs

Post by loss1234 » Mon Oct 05, 2015 6:27 am

lately ive been using the telephone game in many unexpected ways that I thought I would mention

As it just puts out randomized voltages in response to input and feedback, I suppose it makes sense that in can be repurposed in so many ways

I think the most interesting NEW purpose Ive been using it for is as a Randomized GATE/Envelope source (as well as still using a few of the jacks for CV control of VCOS)


Take an External Clock (preferably a random clock...see the wogglebug and or Chaos Brother)

Drive the CLOCK INPUT with that.

now set to the proper mode to taste (A or B mode)

then take outs 1, 3 and 5 and use them to trigger envelopes OR you can even use them to trigger VCAS directly

then use the SUM out and the SLew out to control Cutoffs or VCO pitches or whatever else you want

very quickly you can set up three voices which trigger randomly (just take three continuous sounds into the vcas/envelopes OR use the three outs to trigger samplers like the Ardcore or the BASTIL GRANPA)

I also made a short video of this on youtube

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