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[Pre-order] SSSR Labs SM000 Mult 2x4 - New!
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Author [Pre-order] SSSR Labs SM000 Mult 2x4 - New!
Hi to all.

I'd like to introduce my new eurorack module, which will be available very soon as DIY Kit, or as assembled module.

SSSR Labs SM000 Mult 2x4

The SSSR Labs Mult 2×4 is a passive multiple module having switchable configuration: 2×4 or 1×8. This module has the smallest (Since 1hp octal VCO with 83hp expander isn't still invented) possible width: only 2hp, which perfectly allows it to fit yet another gap in a modular synthesizer with useful function.

The color coding helps user to select desirable operation mode.

Black lines, left switch position: Dual 4-terminal multiple.

Blue lines, right switch position: Single 8-terminal multiple.

Specifications of assembled Eurorack module:

  • Module width: 2hp
  • Module depth: 15mm (0.59″)
  • Net weight: 25g (0.9oz)
  • Module dimensions: 129x10x29mm (5″ x 0.4″ x 1.12″)
  • +12v rail power consumption: 0 mA (passive)
  • -12v rail power consumption: 0 mA (passive)

Product page:
SSSR Labs SM000 Mult 2x4

It should appear just today, but I had a little misunderstanding with the panel-making company, so the actual appearance is moved to the last decade of October, though I was able to shoot the actual panel and make few prototypes. Meanwhile I'm taking discounted pre-orders, which, I hope, will help me with another one, way more complicated module.

DIY kit contains:

  • All-white PCB with long pads, easy to solder!
  • 2hp Alumin(i)um Eurorack panel in two colors, introducing new official design of the SSSR Labs product line.
  • (8pcs) Thonkiconn jacks with knurled nuts
  • SMTS-102 ultra-compact switch

Assembly instructions will be ready by the time of shipping.
Estimated assembly time: 15 min.

Order now:
SSSR Labs SM000 Mult 2x4 DIY Full Kit

(please paste the link above into your browser address line, or go to product page. Muff bbCode doesn't accept URLs with sharps, maybe flats are more preferable)

I hope, there is no need in videos or audio-examples since it's just a tiny multi-pulti, but with original design.
Operational manual is not probably to be released, but I can answer to possible questions here. smile
Reality Checkpoint
Assembly instructions haven't been posted, but this thing is so simple, you don't need them. About the only thing to be aware of is the orientation of the board, relative to the front panel.
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