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MIDI2CV FW default
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Author MIDI2CV FW default
Is it possible to reset the FW to default settings? My MIDI2CV is not responding to function key programming. I want to "start over", bring it back to default. If I have to, I can re-flash. Just trying to avoid removing it from my system and having to go through that hassle.
I don't know if there is a built-in function to reset the module but, if the solution is to re-flash the firmware, you need to remove the PIC from the PCB and flash it with a programmer.

from "" :

How to update

Update via MIDI is technically not possible with current hardware. Please do not ask for it.
You need:

new PIC16F88 MCU chip in DIP18 package. (you can use original chip, but you can’t backup its contents because it is protected)
IC Extractor or little screwdriver
Programmer such as SI Prog, PicKit3 etc and necessary adapter hardware (board with ZIF/DIP-sockets, breadboard and Dupont wires etc)
Software that supports your programmer and able to read Intel hex files (WIth PicKit3 you can use Stand-alone Programmer.
Thanks Zanna83!

I made an operator error ( d'oh! ), and was finally able to get it to respond correctly to the function key programming.
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