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Euro in an attache or similar case - minimum depth?
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Author Euro in an attache or similar case - minimum depth?
I know several folks here have done this so ... if I was interested in building a small Euro setup into some sort of suitcase or attache or something - what's the minimum depth needed to fit the modules + power crap?

hi Chris,

well the deepest module i've got is the elby panther super psycho weighing in at a hefty 110mm and having just measured my cases they are 115mm and 120mm deep from the edge of the rack to the back of the case. most modules come in around the 80mm range, so if you find something you like that isn't that deep you can still use it but your module selection may be limited,

hope this helps and sorry for the metric lol
Doepfer has an Excel spreadsheet with all their module depths if that's of any help, you can find it somewhere on their pages (A100 mechanical details probably). There was also a short thread about euro module depths at, if you can find it there may be some more info in there.
Thanks guys!

I don't think I'm going to end up with many (if any at all) Doepfer modules. I'm looking to build a system with Livewire, Plan B, Harvestman, etc. If there's a source where I can get the depths for those companies, that would be awesome, but I haven't seen one.
The Harvestman modules are all very shallow, with Livewire coming in second. Both of them use stacked PCBs parallel to the faceplate. Also, Cwejman are also very shallow, moreso than Harvestman if I remember correctly. I don't have any first hand experience though.

Plan B is kind of all over the place. The M15 is nice and shallow (also having stacked PCBs parallel to the faceplate), but some others are very deep, the M14 and M13 are at least 3", and the M17 almost touches the bus board on my case!

Seeing as I'm apparently the moderator of the eurorack subforum, I think this calls for a thread:

I'll measure a bunch of mine tonight.
Thank you sir! SlayerBadger!
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