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Black Swamp build thread
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Author Black Swamp build thread
I would add the S&H would be a great feature to have if you can find one that works. Maybe the MFOS VC- S&H ?
Omit Q2, connect PGATE to the sync input (maybe through a gate to trig circuit) and use output 2-the one without glide.
Just need something with very low droop.
I still have a few questions for the same section:

1) where does the anode of the led between random and gate go

2) where does the led between press and pgate go

3) what is the gate switch drawing referenced by the gate jack's connection

4) on cgs59A I cant see a XP connection point (stop jack)
Here are the connections for the gate led and the pressure (touchpad) gate : hes_wire_guide_2.jpg

I'm not sure what you are asking with the switch question.

The newer CGS59A boards that is labeled PULSE IN, sorry about that.
Thanks for the above clarification

I re-read my question 2 and realized how confusing it sounded oops . I'm just not sure what drawing you are referencing here:

Also just confirming there is only +voltage and 0v on the cgs59a?
Same drawing,the connection to the gate jack is from the CGS39 built as an OR gate pad O3
And yes,just +12 v and 0v on the CGS 59A
For anyone still looking, I found a source for the yusynth random gates a couple of weeks ago. ml

Mine is ordered.

Ordered the Hexinverter MIDI for another one of the panels too since those are going to be hard to find soon too.

It doesn't matter what the order is on these does it; as long as all similar stages are wired/grouped together [/img]
Yes,all the sections are the same-but mind the difference in pad order side to side.

There's two connection here right, one to XP and one to the random gates outputs?

Was pad A & B intentionally left out

Does the ghost bus connect anywhere hmmm.....
No connection for pad A and pad B.
The ghost stage bus goes to the CGS59A ghost stage board pad H

Is this a 15k resistor as described in the cgs documentation

'L' & 'H' are the same as on these switches

What is the unlabeled leg of the pot 0v

Also do we need to cut traces on the pad pairs J-K, L-M, O-P & Q-R as in the cgs13 documentation
Good catch .
I'd never noticed,but there are 2 pad H,2 pad L ,maybe more.
They are not the same pads.
The push-pull sequencer knobs pad designations go to the center of the board along the row of transistors.
And yes you need to cut those traces as listed on the CGS site.
The other ones for the loop functions are near the LM393.
No connection for that lug on the pot.

This is on the CGS31 right?
No. CGS13 gated comparator board

I feel dumb for asking, but where do these go oops

And can I do testing of the panel with the touch pads unconnected
Those go to CGS36 . the pad list is in the drawing just above the one you are showing.
Yes test the sequencer without the touch pads first.
You need something that puts out a gate signal,
After power on use a gate signal/logic high signal to select stages via the stage select inputs.
Upon power up sometimes more that one stage will be active,or the ghost stage could be active so select each stage as a first test,then put a clock to your up input and see if it steps normally.
You should have your LEDs wired up for this test,it makes it easier to see if stages are active.. I put the LED for the ghost stage right on the CGS59A ghost stage board so I can see if that is active.
After checking up and down clocking test your run/skip/stop/hold switches.
Thats funny I have been working from a print off of the thread and hadn't printed that picture Mr. Green

Were there any pictures of how the touch pad is mounted
The touch pads are mounted with double sided tape,the foam stuff labeled as permanent.
Don't forget to slot the panel mounting hole a bit or drill a new one,the touch pads cover the existing hole, sorry about that.
The touch pads should be the last thing you do after testing the whole panel and doing any troubleshooting.
Test the pads before taping them down.
After affirming that everything works with the pads and taping them I add some glue to the wire and pad to strain relive the wire,that coax stuff breaks off really easily.
This may be the slowest build ever for me, but I'm getting there. Free time seems to be my biggest challenge these days.

As expected I have a few item that will need working out. I have a small video in hopes of more easily showing what I'm seeing. My real question is surrounding the Gate 1 and Gate 2 switch and its function. I'm also showing some curious actions with the Row A pull switches, they seem to be doing random things with the sequencer.

You do have some minor problems but the main functions seem good so that is a positive.
In the up direction the sequence should stop with no stages active. Try running the sequencer in the up direction with all switches set to run.Now send a gate or trigger to the STOP jack. The sequence should stop with no stages active. No gate or cv output.
If that checks out then you have a problem with the stop function wiring.
The switch should be sending your G pad signal to the CGS59A ghost stage ,activating it and disabling all the other stages.
The switch has 3 paths.
In the run position G is connected to H,activating that stage when it gets a clock pulse.
In skip mode it sends the G signal to the next stage's H input,activating that stage instead.
In the stop position the G pulse should go through a diode to a bus that connects to the ghost stage pad H,activating that stage and disabling all the rest.
The ghost stage does not send a pulse to the G or J bus so it will be stuck there until you manually activate a step with the touch pads or send a gate/trigger to one of the stage select inputs.
Let's work on this before dealing with the other issues.
But yes you should have a gate in gate 1 or 2 position.
You should check if you are not getting a gate in gate 2 position,or if the LED is simply not lighting when it should.
The pull switches seem like a wiring mistake.
But one problem at a time.
Really good work so far,you are very close.
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