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My cheque to B&A goes in the post tomorrow
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Author My cheque to B&A goes in the post tomorrow
So is there any other last minute suggestions for this set-up before I sent it.

6 U powered boat
261e Complex Waveform Generator
266e Source of Uncertainty
281e Quad Function Generator
292e Quad Dynamics Manager
291e Triple Morphing Filter

077 Pendulum/Ratchet

Sorry to be such a question, question, question type. Oh yeah, Kenton 1/8" > Banana. Does such a thing exist and where do I get those sexy shortning bars from?.

259e over 261e...
259e over 261e...

Really, why is that?. I have only played with a 259e and loved it.
the new firmware really makes the 259e interesting. When it was the older firmware, i would have preferred 261e over the 259e, but now that thing is extremely flexible and unique. morphing between two psychotic waveforms...and taking it even further with FM...MMMMMMMM!
the 258V and 259e make a fantastic pair!!!!
Ditto on the 259e. But it is a difficult choice. The 261e and 259e are so different from each other. I have two 259e's and one 261e in my system. So I guess I like the 259e 66%.

Did you see the 200e in the Buy Sell Trade section?
for starting a system i'd stick with your 261 and then when you have more cash get a 259e.
they are completely different beasts, but i found the 261 more "musical" for me, again it all depends on your preferences and the end result you want to achieve.
the morphing feature is quite nice, it was very easy to make drum sounds and rhythmic sounds with the 259e.
Thanks, I think I am going to go for the 261e as my first OSC (it is the one I tried that made me make the leap).

Yep, saw the system for sale but I am stuck at my 6 module budget and my wife said no to getting a bunch from savings (something about us needing a car and not a synth??????).
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