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Any plans for JX-3Ps mods?
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Author Any plans for JX-3Ps mods?
zaphod betamax
Any plans for JX-3Ps mods?

No plans so far.

As far as I know there is a JX3p mod by Kiwitechnics with a very long list of features..
The mod by Kiwitechnics has now cesed production. I never liked it, it prevented the use of the PG-200 and you'd have to kill me to take mine away. In the end they shoehorned too many features and made it too inaccessible that way. The only thing I'd touch would be a faster LFO and unison mode, perhaps portamento, not much else. Secuencer improvements like patterns and song mode would be ace. If you want both MIDI and PG-200 simultaneously there's the Organix mod but the list of users waiting is very long and progresses slowly. I think there's a good chance for Tubbutec on this one to do interesting things at an affordable price.
someone took over the organix midi mod production. the price doubled, but the wait time also seems to have vanished.
I ordered the new Organix, I confirm delivery problems are now a thing of the past. Great build, easy install. Also, updates are coming via filrmware, so great lookout for this mod.
Kiwi 3P are still available. The website is incorrect as I just received and installed one yesterday. Amazing feature set. I think Kiwi will keep production as long as demand and parts are available.

The Organix doesn't have near the features of the Kiwi but is a much easier install as no chips need to be desoldered.
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