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TL072ACP vs TL072CN?
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Author TL072ACP vs TL072CN?
I'm assembling a Mouser order for a Dual VCA build - is there a big difference between the two variants of TL072? The TL072CN is already low noise (and I already have a bunch on hand), I just didn't know if it was worth the extra money to go for the TL072ACP.
ACP is lower voltage offset. Buy this one if you can - but don't pay that much more for it. It should still be under a quid.

Dr. Sketch-n-Etch
For a dual VCA, it isn't going to make a bean's worth of difference. The ACN has a guaranteed maximum voltage offset of 3 mV, and the CN of 10 mV. I fail to see how this is going to make any difference whatsoever in a VCA. I use the CN in this application with no worries.

If you are building the DIY uVCA, then the offset can make a difference in the 2164 linearizing circuit. Not so much the magnitude as the sign, which is random and cannot be predicted. However, I have put specific circuitry in the uVCA to deal with that issue so that the VCAs will shut off completely no matter what the sign of the offset is.

I don't believe that some other designers have fully understood the idiosyncracies of the famous Irwin linearized 2164 VCA circuit as well as I have, which is why some of the 2164-based linear VCAs out there in euroland do not necessarily shut off all the way. Nobody should ever have that problem with the uVCA, though, either the Intellijel version or the Doc Sketchy DIY version.
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