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Local Off for Juno-66
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Author Local Off for Juno-66
Is Local Off on the to-be-implemented list?
It is, yes. The only problem at the moment is, that I have not figured out how to turn it on/off conveniently without destroying any workflow.
Maybe you have some suggestion here.

If I understand correctly the general idea is this:

1) Program a sequencer line using the internal keyboard.
2) Start it, then turn local off
3) Use the internal keyboard to control a 2nd external sequencer..
4) Turn local on again eventually

To me it seems quite complicated to switch into the config menu to turn it on/off each time you want to change something in the sequence...
The only idea I had was that it automatically turns on for sequence selection..
I'm sorry, I was asking about the Juno-66. I should have put that in the subject.
Oh.. very sorry I assumed you were talking about the SH-1oh1. Local off for the SH-1oh1 was requested on FB a while ago, so I assumed this was about it.

Anyway to answer your question in regards to the Juno-66: Basically the same answer applies.
I will put it on the feature list for the Juno-66.

What would you use local off for?
it would be useful if i were to use it with an external midi processor in a feedback loop.

thank you. i hope this product is selling well for you.
About to purchase the 66 myself, and this is definitely a feature I'd love to see. It's peanut butter jelly time!
Can anyone confirm that Midi local off feature is still not implemented in the current Juno66 firmware?
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