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UniPulse - What's next for Tubbutec?
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Author UniPulse - What's next for Tubbutec?
Seaweed Sound
Current Modysix owner and eagerly waiting for the SH-1oh1 kit to arrive.. can't help but wonder what is next for Tubbutec? Any hints on what's in the pipeline..
edit: changed title as this thread tuned out to be about uniPulse.


there are of course a couple of projects in the pipeline.
The next product - which is currently in production - will be a universal midi interface for analogue drum machines.

Here are some of its features:

    -16 Trigger outputs
    -Compatible to almost any drum machine, highly customizable
    -Full velocity sensitivity
    -Outputs positive and/or negative pulses up to 12V
    -Velocity can be mapped to pulse length or voltage
    -5 different pulse shapes
    -4 Gate and clock outputs
    -Potentiometer / CV input to control length or voltage of pulses
    -Up to 20 simultaneous clock outputs with different midi dividers
    -Internal clock multiplier for DIN sync
    -Easy to use configuration app
    -Very small
    -Various midi socket configurations
    -Preset database for common drum machines
    -Runs off a single supply voltage of 14-20V

Here is a picture of the prototype:

And here is an early version of the configuration software:
Seaweed Sound
Very cool.. I may have to hang on to my Korg KR-55B thumbs up
mangobob wrote:
Very cool.. I may have to hang on to my Korg KR-55B thumbs up

You should! Just checked the schematics: It's definitely supported..
TR606 owner here, are specs available?
aco-atto wrote:
TR606 owner here, are specs available?

Apart from the list obove, no official specs have been compiled so far. What exactly would you like to know?
Will I be able to trigger single notes via MIDI like the scrrencap seems to suggest?
yes, and even better: they are fully velocity sensitive
One last question: release date?
Beginning of next year, probably February
Really nice product !
Just stumbled across this post. Looks fantastic.. I just took delivery of a Elby Interceptor but this looks like it might be a better match for a CR8000 if it can do Trig and Clock simultaneously..

So, any news on the release date please? Is it still looking like Feb (this month)?

currently the hardware is finished. However the large amounts of manuals which will come with the product are not.
Additionally the configuration tool currently only works in windows and linux.

It is possible that we will release the product this month in a pre-version for synth techs. (Or people who know a bit about electronics)

Will update the status here.
Is this possible with it to generate 12 accent out (variable voltage) + 12 trig out (fixed voltage) simultaneously?
nologin wrote:
Is this possible with it to generate 12 accent out (variable voltage) + 12 trig out (fixed voltage) simultaneously?

You can output 16 accented triggers. Which drum machine would you like to use it for? usually you do not need 12 trigger + 12 CV accents, as there is an alternative way...
Yes, i understand,usually.
but i was asking for a "full" DIY drum machine. It has 12 accent IN + 12 trig IN.
Thank you for your prompt response.
Just found this subforum. Very cool!

I'm actually thinking of picking up a Univox SR-55, and it looks like it is supported.

Two questions:
1. How difficult to install? Any wiring or soldering?
2. What is the planned price?
KR-55 support?! That's amazing, you guys are great.

1. Yes definitely wiring and soldering. Please note that at the moment there is no installation manual for the KR-55. Which means need to know a bit of electronics and connect it yourself using the general manual, or find someone to help you. You can of course also send us your KR-55 and we install the kit for you.

2. Price will be 178€
Given that you installed this on an ancient Ace Tone, I have a Roland Rhythm 55 that I'd like to install this to. Since the Acetone FR-3 and Rhythm 55 are virtually identical, is there any more info or photos to show more about the additional power supply needed for the -15v spike? Thanks!

if the pulses of the TR-55 are negative, it is very, very likely, that the supply voltage is possible. In this case you can connect the unipulse directly to the machines supply, the negative voltage is generated internally.
I could not find the schematics for the TR-55 unfortunately.
The TR-77 for example has a supply voltage of +15.5V and generates negative pulses, the TR-33 is similar...
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