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Module Current Draw Database
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Author Module Current Draw Database
New Paia 97xx modules (copied from

9748 Balanced Modulator
+16 -13

9744 CV Source
+7 -7

9753 Envelope Follower
+10 -13

9756 Linear to Exponential Converter
+11 -14

9745 Mixer
+11 -13

9751 Noise Source
+12 -13

9754 Preamp
+10 -13

9752 Sample and Hold
+21 -33

9741 Dual VCA
+26 -26
Parallel Worlds
Intellijel uStep: about 60 mA's
Perhaps this is all stuff that should go in the wiki?

PAiA 2720 Modular Series Synthesizer:
2720-2 (VCO): +/-9v @25ma
2720-5 (Control Osc.): 18v @ 1.75ma
2720-9 (Glide) +/-9v @1.5 (each)
2720-11 (Env. Follower): +9v @6.5ma, -9v @ 7.5ma
Keyboard +9v@ 1.5ma. -9v @3ma, 18v @ 1ma

- If anybody needs any of the other 2720 series modules measured, let me know. I'm going to get around to doing the modules (that I have) that aren't listed at some point..

PAiA 4700 Series Modular Synthesizer:
4710: +18v @10ma, +9v @ 1.5ma, -9v @7ma
4711: +/-9v @ 4ma
4712: +/-9v @ 3.5ma
4720: 9v @ 20ma
4730: +9v @ 15ma, -9v @25ma
4740: +18v @ 17ma
4750: 18v @ 1.75ma
4760: +18v @ 50ma, +/-9v @ 1ma
4762: +/-9v @ 25ma, 18v @ 25ma*
4770: (Watt Block): 117v 50/60khz, +/-9v @100ma or 18v @100ma
4780: +18v @50ma, +/-9v @1ma

* Includes 2720-8 and 2720-9 circuitry.
I'm still looking for the current draw of the CGS ASR, if anyone has any figures? Fuck, I have a DMM, anyone wanna tell me how to measure it myself?
Babaluma wrote:
I'm still looking for the current draw of the CGS ASR, if anyone has any figures? Fuck, I have a DMM, anyone wanna tell me how to measure it myself?


Step 1: Set your DMM to measure amps. Measure your PSU without the ASR plugged in (put the black prong from your DMM to ground and put the red to the plus or negative voltage).

Step 2: Plug your ASR in and measure again. The difference will be the current draw of the ASR..
thanks so much valis, i might well have to give that a go later!

does anyone know if the ground, plus and minus terminals are clearly labelled on the blacet ps500?
From memory I think it is clearly labelled on the board.

If not, the power lead of existing modules will tell you:

Red = +15V
Black = 0V
White = -15V

I'm looking for the value of the following:

stg 3xvca (essentially the same as the .com version)
stg buff mult (essentially a .bam but made for 5u)
cgs utility lfo
fonitronik sequential switch
fonitronik ps3100 resonator
yu s/h noise

Anyone have these handy?
I've searched through Muffwiggler, Lunar Experience, and Noisebug websites and cannot find any info on the current draw for the various Moon Modular modules.

Anybody have this info? help
Question regarding all these current draw ratings for modules...

Are these listed from factory specs or are they what you guys have actually used a DMM and measured yourselves? I have found what the factory specs is sometimes different from reality.

That being said. I think both + & - Rails should be listed, and the +5 Rail if it's used.

And it should also be noted that i assume the readings are w/ the module at "idle". meaning, simply powered up w/ nothing patched.

R-51: 150 MA
R-52: 150 MA
R-53: 200 MA
R-54: 250 MA

Warning: tubes require about 2.5 times these values when powering up cold. Power supply must be capable of handling this transient capacity on power-up. Most Euro cabinets use analog power supplies that might or might not be able to produce this transient current. The Doepfer 1.2 amp supply will run up to five R-5x modules. We recommend upgrading the power supplies in Modular World and early Monorocket cabinets for more capacity. Switching supplies are not able to produce transient current above their rated current outputs--anyone using switching supplies should choose a supply rated for the transient current only.

R-60: 100 mA at +5, 10 mA at +-12 or +-15v.

(Courtesy of Eric at Metasonix)
Flame Tame Machine: 180ma
Still no lead on the draw of the Livewire AFG?
hi. anybody know the ma for these...

Jurgen Haible Triple Chorus
Ian Fritz EG
YuSynth Diode Ladder VCF
CGS Dual Utility LFO

many thanks!
Just measured this one for someone else, thought it might help others.

Voxglitch Digital Effects draws +112mA/-5mA

Adam- V
it seems like the zeroscillator wasn't established but i just read that it was +150ma /-100ma
Can someone give me a hand figuring out how to use a digital multimeter to test current draw from my modules? My Google-fu seems weak as I can't really find anything except for testing car parts.
i was interested in this for a while till i had plans for a giant power supply. i think somebody was talking about measuring from pins/terminals on the power supply. touch black probe to ground and red to either + or - depending on which you are measuring. amperage measuring mode (?). then you would plug in module by module measuring how the available amps decreases. the amount of decrease would be your ma power draw per rail. i have never done this. just guessing based on what i think i remember reading/hearing a while back. i doubt it would hurt to try to measure stuff though. i just busted out the meter to test power on a pcb for the first time and lo and behold it worked as expected. try it out see what happens.
Livewire Dual Bissell Generator: 45mA

4ms Rotating Clock Divider: about 60mA
I'm a newbie here. I searched. Honest. And I've bugged Ken enough the last couple days. Knowing x-series current requirements would be great public knowledge anyway. (I have 2 single oscillators and a Backend. They are fabulous.)

Thanks, Wigglers for any light you can shed.

Lama (Richard Aylward)
Livewire AFG draws 110mA on each rail (measured during various conditions).

automaton wrote:
Still no lead on the draw of the Livewire AFG?

AFG (both cables attached): 120ma
Dalek Modulator: 70ma
Dual Cyclotron: 50ma
Dual Bissell Generator: 20ma
Frequensteiner: 20ma
Vulcan Modulator: 70ma

EDIT: Just saw Adam V's reply - 110ma is acceptable for an unofficial rating (I'm obligated to err on the high side for now)

Analogue Solutions BD99 10ma@5V
Analogue Solutions VCO2 20ma@12ma
I tried meassuring current usage of some modules by following directions in this thread, and it does not seem to work. I am using a doepfer P9 case (A-100 PSU2).

I am measuring by connecting DMM (set to measure current) to ground and +/- 12 on the busboard and it does not seem to change no matter how many modules are plugged in ! ??

What am i doing wrong here ??

Am i not connecting to the right spot ?

Also, when i test the +12 part, the modules seem to turn off . Did i screw something up here ?

Any help would be much appreciated.

I've tried contacting Ken Macbeth multiple times about current usage of the euro x-series dual osc and backend filter, but he says he can't measure them because he does not own either of those modules !
Hmm, are my questions too stupid or something ?
I feel like no one ever wants to help me out here. I get a negative vibe from this forum.......
Why is that ?
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