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Module Current Draw Database
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Author Module Current Draw Database
Anybody know how much the Toppobrillo Quantimator draws?
Can I safely assume that the Subconscious Communications Model 37 draws the same as the Plan B? And that the posted Harvestman Polivoks draw applies to both the VCF and the VCG? Anyone have numbers handy for the Flame Talking Synth or the Blue Lantern Joystick?
tiptop zdsp - 166mA [130mA @ +12V and 36mA @ -12V]
Parallel Worlds
milkyjoe wrote:
tiptop zdsp - 166mA [130mA @ +12V and 36mA @ -12V]

thanks. the 130mA current draw on the + 12 volts is what mostly matters.
Double post, sorry d'oh!
Alwaysnew wrote:
Anybody know how much the Toppobrillo Quantimator draws?

30mA ±12V
Aries synth voltages from Synthfool Archives, Aries 1977 catalog:
Power Consumption (system voltage is + - 15VDC):

AR-312 Envelope generator, +15v. D.C. @4mA., -15vdc @2mA
AR-316 VCA, 6mA
AR-318 S&H/Clock Noise Generator, +15VDC @44mA, -15VDC @ 24mA
AR-321 Hex Attenuator no power consumption
AR-323 Dual Mixer 12mA
AR-331 Pre-Amp Envelope Follower, +15V @16mA, -15V @12mA
AR-317 VCO 36mA
AR-332 Dual VCO +15v @17mA, -15v @25mA
AR-324 Dual LFO Lag/Inverter +15v @48mA, -15v @20mA
AR-327 Multimode VC Filter +15v @15mA, -15v @17mA
AR-314 VCF 28mA
AR-329 Phase Flange +15v @12mA, -15v @11mA
AR-328 Stereo Reverb & Output +15v@39mA, -15v@27mA
AR-313 Keyboard Interface @10mA

I know you're riveted! You can now breathe freely..
It would be cool to see whos modular on muffwiggler is using the most power at one time.
Cwejman RES-4 110 mA
Cwejman BLD 60 mA
ALM Busy Circuits - Boss Bow Tie 50 mA
Gozinta 20 mA
I know things have changed since 2008. Here is a more current list of some Oakley modules with PCB issue numbers. Hope it helps! Guinness ftw!

VCO (issue 6) 30mA
Slim-VCO "A" (issue 2) 40mA
Slim-VCO "B" (issue 2) 47mA
VC-LFO (issue 3) 40mA
VCO Controller (issue 1) 20mA
Dual LFO (issue 1) 30mA

COTA (issue 2) 20mA
Croglin (issue 2) 25mA
Diode Super Ladder (issue 2) 35mA
Dicrete Ladder 904A (issue 2) 80mA
Journeyman (issue 2) 20mA
State Variable (issue 5) 30mA
Transistor Super Ladder (issue 3) 40mA

Comparator & Gate Delay (issue 2) 35mA
EFG (issue 6) 48mA
Fourmix (issue 1) 25mA
MidiDAC (issue 4) 40mA
Multmix (issue 5) 35mA
Noise/Filter (issue 4) 30mA
Sample/Slew (issue 5) 44mA
VRG (issue 2) 44mA

Dual VCA (issue 1 & 1.1) 26mA
Classic VCA (issue 1) 35mA

Equinoxe (issue 5) 40mA
Deep Equinoxe (issue 1) 45mA
Discontinuity (issue 3 & 3.1) 60mA-website / 50mA-build guide
Overdrive II (issue 1) 25mA
4014 Ring Modulator (issue 3) 40mA

ADSR/VCA (issue 3 & 4) 45mA
VC-ADSR (issue 1) 25mA
Very helpful. Thanks!!!
Is this thread still necessary? Modulargrid provides current draw.
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