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262v Harmonic Oscillator vs Verbos Eurorack version
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Author 262v Harmonic Oscillator vs Verbos Eurorack version
Someone lent me the Eurorack version some days ago and i'm completly seduced by it. Among others in connecting 4 sines in the Mutable Frames parasite in quad euclidean sequencer mode.
So, only for that, it would be better that i take it in Euro version, but I start to thinking to go to Buchla. So, my question is : Is there anyone who could make a serious comparison of the two versions? Thanks.
The biggest difference is that the Eurorack version provides the fundamental plus 7 harmonics. The Buchla format module provides the fundamental plus 9 harmonics.
There is a spike output on the Buchla one
I had asked Mark this a year ago when thinking about the same thing, he emailed this:

" the circuit for these two is not exactly the same. The oscillator core on a 262v is like a 259, the Verbos Electronics Harmonic Oscillator is discrete so more like a 258 in a way. The 262v has 10 harmonics instead of 8, and it has the spike wave. The signal level in Buchla land is line level and in Euro it's 10 volts peak to peak."

I ended up going with the Buchla format - its one of my favourite Oscillators!
I had both - currently own the Euro. The range of the CV controls is different in feel and response to Lfo and envelops inputs for the harmonic tilt and center functions. I find the Buchla has a wider and more controllable range. The Euro version works great but there is slightly more magic in terms of responsiveness between the two modules tilting more favorably toward the 4U buchla version. On the other hand the Euro costs 1/3 as much as the buchla and hence incredible value. Also the builds are very similar - both are surface mount non-through hole PCBs so the Euro is even greater value for 70-85% the functionality of the Buchla version. I used to have two Buchla cases - I now find a 24 module case plus two rows of Sputnik/Verbox/MakeNoise offers me the same functionalty with the second euro case costing 70% less for the equivalent Buchla horsepower - I also use two CVGT-1 to cross CV between them. With all the great clones and builders out there pumping out Buchla variants - this really is a golden age of West Coast synthesis and Don and mark verbos' genius take on them.
we're not worthy
Regarding the response in the Verbos it might be worth mentioning that the Verbos speak 10V and not +-5 like many other Euro modules. So it might feel less responsive while fed with 5V...
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