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Bugbrand Art Angels
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Author Bugbrand Art Angels
Here's a Bugbrand Modular piece . Headphones or good speakers !


Dedicated to Grimes just because I dig her fashion style !
first soundfile had volume issues
here's a better one
Still haven't had a chance with proper speakers or headphones... weekend... Thanks Randy!
I finally took some time to listen to your track.

I really enjoyed it very much thumbs up
Awesome sounds, even somtimes if a bit too high for my sensible little ears SlayerBadger!

Must be a huge fun recording this piece and listening to it live.

To me it's a kind of track I'd imagine do on Buchla + Serge. Buchla for the 266e and Serge for the sound. And not on the Bugbrand. It shows that there's no boundaries in what the Bugbrand is capable of... when in good hands smile
batchas wrote:
Buchla for the 266e and Serge for the sound

Did you have the sequencer set on random? Is there any s&h in the Bugbrand module line? How many LFOs do you have?? Wondering... As no quadslope, nor 266e were used...

Is it a multitrack recording then?

Grimes? What is that? Guess I have to google now...

PS: shiiiit. I'm having my ears problems again waah
Hey yeah, wow - sounds very much Serge or Buchla (from what little I know) - amazing to hear such from the old blue!

Powerful stuff!
Awesome, the bells are lovely and spacious. The slow rumbling bass reminds me a bit of Exai.
Quite wonderful, very relaxing and meditative.
T. Jervell
Niiice applause
Nice bell sounds applause
Super stuff! Need to get back on a better listening setup...
Thanks for the feedback everyone !
Batchas - there are 4 layers on the recording - it's very much a collage type composition .
The s/h is coming from the Bug noise crusher - but I am using it to control values and voltage range using the external inputs on the Bug sequencer - so when the noise crusher receives a clock it changes all the values in the sequencer . Most of the time I think just the cv range was being changed with the sequencer values being very close together to start.
Also the sequencer is being clocked externally by the noise crusher osc output
The bell sounds are the Bug ring mod . There are also very short delay times from the PT being modulated by the sequencer that give a very ringy effect.
I can't remember everything though ! There is a lot going on !
I do think the Blue Bug system compares favorably to anything out there on all levels . There are a few bits that I wish were there but not much and I do wish a few things were available still .
And Grimes is an alt-pop star. She does a lot of fashion shoots too which I really enjoy !
Thanx radams for the details thumbs up

Right! I forgot the Noise Crushers s&h d'oh!
Funny cause I was checking the other possibilities of this module last week. As I always use it only for HH, which is actually kind of very reducing, for a module which can do so much.
fantastic stuff randy! would be great for driving
Just excellent, Randy!

Delicate timbres and details w00t
My headphones gave me a good massage smile

Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the positive vibes !
This piece was a blast to create
Very pleasant and inspiring music piece.

Thank You ! I was remembering something about creating this and what sounds like s/h is really not . I had the sequencer set to very close values with the random output from the noise crusher feeding the voltage range input of the sequencer . I'm going to try some variations of that again soon .
awesome stuff Randy will definately be featuring this track and the bandcamp release on my patchworks feature. kudos!
Thanks man! I'm working on some more longer form compositions that I will bundle up with this and release soon.

Thanks for the good vibes!
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