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206e or 225e
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Author 206e or 225e
So I have found 95% of my Buchla starter system (7 modules) though Muff and word of mouth!. What an incredible site this is. I should have most of the system apart from the 077 next week. I am going the 2 x 4 panel boat route & SKB pop up mixer case.

So the final module will be a 206e or 225e. I am trying to balance the best way to go on this. I do want the preset function.

Having the 206e would mean that I could add a 2nd VCO as the next purchase. The midi automation of the 225e is very appealing but would I make the most of it?. I have a Kenton Pro 2 and could use Volta?.

What do you think, do many owners make the most of the 225e. I would like the system to integrate with Ableton/Voyager but will the Pro 2 be enough. Oh yeah, 1/8" to Banana for use with the Kenton. Any ideas?

Okay, problem solved. I have been offered a 225e and the immediacy of having the module has swayed me to it!.
Good choice... the 225e is the best MIDI/CV interface on the planet!
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