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FH-1 Old school midi/Shot in the dark
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Author FH-1 Old school midi/Shot in the dark
Hi there!

I just picked up the FH-1 to use with the Akai Ewi USB and it works great! Thank you SO MUCH for all your hard work and support on this! I can't wait to dig into it more!

I'm looking at all my midi gear and I have at least one old school midi controller I wish I could hook up "in band" with the Ewi.

Is there any possible chance there's a raw UART broken out on the FH-1 that's set up to receive midi signals? I'll build the MIDI optoisolator and other hardware myself if it's broken out on the board somewhere...

I think it'd be pretty awesome alternate expansion if possible...

Just curious!
No, but you can use something like this:

Hello! I just picked up the Akai EWI USB/FH-1 combo to interface with my modular and other CV synths. Can you offer me any pointers before (and maybe after) they arrive? Is it pretty much a plug and play situation, or do you have to use the webpage to configure the CC parameters for the EWI?

I'm wondering which outputs on the FH1 correspond to the default setup.

Any help here would be appreciated, i've day dreamed about this setup for years, and finally found one pop up for the right price.

Thanks in advance!
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