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[SH-1oh1] Enhancement: internal filter LFO tempo sync
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Author [SH-1oh1] Enhancement: internal filter LFO tempo sync
Seaweed Sound
Started learning the new features provided by the SH-1oh1 and am really impressed by this upgrade.

It would be great if the internal filter LFO could be tempo synced to MIDI or External Clock. The LFO Coarse Frequency would then act as divider/multiplier setting and maybe have LFO Fine Frequency be a phase offset. Would be killer for techno riffs.. Guinness ftw! w00t
Thanks a lot for your idea.
Will put it on the feature TODO list.
Seaweed Sound
Wanted to check in and see if this feature is still under consideration.. MIDI tempo sync of the internal software LFO would be great addition and excellent selling point for new customers.

Also thought of another interesting LFO sync idea:

Hard reset of internal software LFO with following options: OFF, GATE, RANDOM LFO CLK

Every time GATE or RANDOM LFO CLK rises reset the triangle accumulator to zero.. probably fairly easy to implement and would offer a lot of tricks with the existing RANDOM divider functionality. Could get your LFO lining up the sequence every 2 bars etc
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