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Silent Way in Bitwig Studio
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Author Silent Way in Bitwig Studio
Thanks Kubase. I wasnt totally sure about that.

So, ES3 plus ES5 yields 6 CVs (on the ES3) for pitch/mod and 8 gates (on the ES5). If there are only gate expanders for the ES3 and no "CV expanders", then the only way to get more CVs is by adding another ES3. hmmm.....
The ESX-8CV is a CV expander.
Thanks os. Does ESX8CV mate with ES3 though? (Or just ES4)

EDIT - reading more on your website... Looks like ESX8CV requires the ES5 in order to tie into the ES3, right?
Thanks os!
Bumping this thread to find out how Bitwig users are finding it overall for working with silent way. How flexible is it for complex plugin routings? Can you address all plugin audio inputs or is it limited to 8 like ableton? Can you address plugin inputs from other audio tracks?
I have lots of es5s, esx8cvs, and gate expanders and the only way I've found to get them all working the way I want is to use plogue bidule in Ableton, but it's a bit buggy and confusing to troubleshoot so I'm thinking of a switch.
supergregg, what version of Bitwig are you on? I only have 1 ES-3 and 1 ES-6 but all works well here with Silent Way. Bitwig went deeper with hardware and modular integration in version 2.x, so I'm now mostly using Bitwig's built in devices for routing to/from my modular system.
i'm new on this forum, so sorry if i'm talking nonsense. How do I setup the SMUX plugin in Bitwig 2.4? Just in case i ever want to record in 88.1/96 khz and want to keep my 8 cv out's on the ES-3... I got the SW voice controller working, which (for me ) is more stable in tuning of my oscillators then the HW CV instrument in Bitwig
Emiel, I haven't used the SMUX plug. I am on Bitwig 2.4 and don't even use (because I don't need) Silent Way anymore. Just use Bitwig's HW devices. If 88.1/96 is for audio in, then that should be independent of the 24bit CV/audio going from Bitwig back out to your ES-3.
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