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Favorite On Line Radio Programs for Electronic Music
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Author Favorite On Line Radio Programs for Electronic Music
I am curious what some of your favorite on line radio shows are for electronic/ambient music (or other related genres). I try to catch a few when I can.

Thursday: Galactic Travels
Friday: Music with Space
Saturday: StarsEnd
best radio in the universe:

channel 3 is typical ambient&soundscores stuff...
1 is more electro/techno
4 is mostly rap or punk/metal nowadays
For all ambient, all the time, one of my favorites is StillStream:

Drone Zone is also pretty good, along with a few of the other SomaFM stations.
SepticUnderground wrote:
best radio in the universe:

channel 3 is typical ambient&soundscores stuff...
1 is more electro/techno
4 is mostly rap or punk/metal nowadays


And stream2 is italo and disco classics.
They even got an windows/osx/iphone app to play the streams.
unintentional states
Ian Helliwell's Tone Generation is a pretty invaluable crash course in all things early electronic and concrète. The most recent installment focuses on recordings done with EMS synthesizers.

I like to listen to Andreas Tilliander's Ström radio program, which covers all sorts of contemporary electronic music, even though I don't understand Swedish. Occasionally an English interview pops up though, and it help's to have a playlist handy.

There's a show on CiTR called Pop Drones that I occasionally check in on the podcast of to see if there's anything in the wave of cassette releases I'm interested in. I lost my patience for most of this stuff years ago, but I don't mind having this play while I've got my soldering iron on to see if there are any diamonds in the rough.
I've found Lastfm thom yorke radio to be a pretty decent mix, it hits a wide range of artists often with electronic elements.
thanks for posting your thoughts and the thread guys! ill have to check this shit out.
Suburban Bather

I'll definitely check out, thanks w00t
I sure do miss Brave New Waves (actual radio). where my Canucks at?
Right - I also do DroneZone on occasion and Analogik Radio (the Ambient station... they have about 15 stations of electronic stuff... house, gabber, goa, psy, etc). Stillstream is good too. The initial post I made was for shows that play live at a scheduled time. Most of those post their playlist in advance, so you can see if you want to tune in.

The Internet has been such a boon for all things synthetic and electronic music wise!! screaming goo yo

Thanks for the new sites. I will check them out.
Thanks for the links.. I've been bummed ever since metropolis went after jason bently took over for nick on morning becomes eclectic KCRW. That was my go to show after work in the car, or just in front of the computer.

listening to intergalactic now.. John Carpenter halloween w00t
KFJC in Los Gatos, CA at Foothill College - very daring programming with lots of electronic and ambient smush to be had, also the 9 PM Sunday Martha's Show on WFMU in Jersey City NJ - just Google and you will find these sublime stations online....

Great idea for a thread - I will check everyone else's recommendations out/// out... out... out...
Fluid is my favourite web-radio these days:
plord The Groove salad, Drone Zone, and Secret Agent channels are awesome. I haven't dug too deeply into the others. for goa and psytrance.
alka is a personal fave for 'IDM' glitchy stuff!
i really like the program Martian Gardens on the local college radio station WMUA. Great 'contemporary classical' and experimental electronics!
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