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HexInv MIDI2CV off by one octave. Is this normal?
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Author HexInv MIDI2CV off by one octave. Is this normal?
I just picked up a used MID2CV and it seems to work, except that it is playing exactly one octave higher than my Kenton Pro Solo MkII. I reset my Kenton (reinitialized) back to its default and no change there.

So my question is: Why would the MIDI2CV be exactly an octave up from the Kenton? The MIDI2CV is playing fine as I move up or down the keyboard scale, so the scaling seems okay, just offset by a factor of x2.

I'm driving a very accurate WMD VCO.
I feel like I've been experiencing this problem too, as well as a bunch of other issues with it. In particular locking up and getting stuck repeating its self in fast short patterns... Yarns is on the way but i need to make this work until it shows.
I haven't had time to play around with the convertor in the last few days, but I'll resume with it this weekend. I'm still waiting to hear back from Hex re this. It seems strange that its DAC is tracking (scaling) just fine, but the offset is exactly 1V (1 Octave). I wonder if a FW update would fix this to instruct the DAC output V levels to be 1 volt less than the current table is defined.
exclamation Be carefull, the 1srt octave is reserved for advanced features!!!

As the manual said :
The octave which contains the note C1 on the MIDI keyboard, is reserved for programming the
ADVANCED FEATURES of MIDI2CV. However, every MIDI controller is different, so, get to know your
keyboard/device by transposing up and down the keyboard and figuring out what YOUR keyboard
identifies as the C1 note.
Understood. I've got used to shifting an octave by setting the VCO master tune lower to compensate. Not a big deal in the scheme of things.
Clever trick!
The mess is you could wrongly edit some settings without knowing wich ones!
They might have let the possibility to block the settings access
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