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Assembled Frac modules that don't need power?
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Author Assembled Frac modules that don't need power?


I have 1.5 spaces left in my 5 rows of frac. It's been like that for years. I keep changing my mind over what that 1.5 spaces should be filled with, or something else comes along that takes my money.

In that time the Wiard 300 Series has come along and now an EMS VCS3.

I kept thinking I need another VCA/Mixer but so far with 2 envelators, the dual linear VCA, a Quad VCA, a MOTM dual VCA so far I've not run out.

So..I'm thinking maybe I should just find some cheaper modules and close that space. I remember power was an issue so the simplest thing to do would be to get some unpowered modules. I have two mixer / attenuators that I use alot - they don't need power - do the new MA3010 Multiple/Attenuator need power?

are there any other assembled modules that don't need power?


If Metalbox counts as assembled, then as far as passive modules go,
I have mults, attenuators, mixers, switches, and trunk lines.


The MA3010 is unpowered.


thanks guys!

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