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FPD Panel
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Author FPD Panel
So I want to make my own 1/8" <> 1/4" MOTM panel but I need to confirm measurements with others who have done this. Obviously I'm using Front Panel Designer to do this. My question is what radius should I user for the

1) mounting screw holes
2) 1/8" sockets
3) 1/4" sockets

Thanks again.

i would really recommend that you:

1. buy a cheap pocket slide caliper. i got mine for less than $10.
a caliper allows you to measure diameters inside and out relatively precisely.
it looks kinda like this one:

2. buy your hardware and hold it in your hand before you design the panel!
3. measure your hardware with the caliper to get *exact* sizing so there is no confusion. front panels are too expensive to make mistakes.
4. design your panel. make a wireframe print. do a sanity check--lay your hardware out on the printout. do the jacks, pots, leds and switches all fit together? account for the mounting rail lip distance.
4. if you make a hole too small, you can always bore it out with a hand drill, a unibit, and a piece of wood to screw your panel into.

the mounting holes are 0.213".
check this document out for MOTM specs:
Thanks again consumed!
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