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AniModule Line_Amp Mod to correct for Unity Gain
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Author AniModule Line_Amp Mod to correct for Unity Gain
On earlier revisions of the Line_Amp I made a boo-boo.
In an attempt to subdue the switching transient I bridged 2 pins on each switch. Unfortunately that put the Gain Resistors in parallel and botched the math. So instead of Unity Gain in Buffered Multiple Mode you end up getting about %.73 of your original signal.
Not a huge deal if you're using it in a non-critical application where you're not looking for precision, but very noticeable if you require 1V/Oct.

Good News is it's Easily fixable. All you need is a pair of sidecuts (or a soldering iron wink ) .
Just clear the Bridged Pins on each switch.
I'm also happy to mod it for you if you're not comfortable with either method.

All New Line_Amps are going out with the correct Switch configuration btw.

Here's 2 videos showing how to do the Mods. It's easy to identify if you have that revision, because 2 pins on each switch are bridged cool

Solder Version:

Solder-Free Version:
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