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disting mk3 problem
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Author disting mk3 problem
Dean Amo

Just received a Disting mk3 that unfortunately doesn't seem to work correctly.

Have a strong noise coming out from both audio outputs and i m not able to perform almost none of the functions proposed by the module - (a video has already been posted describing the same type of issue that i do have with my module)

I saw that a new calibration could probably fix the problem - i d like to make a try before i send it back for replacement or warranty.
The procedure talks about a 3V stable accurate source - where should i take this source from? could you please suggest any?

I am not sure to understand correctly the procedure ...

thnx for your help


Dean Amo
If you install the new firmware, that will at least let you know if you need to recalibrate or not.

Where did you buy this disting, by the way?
Dean Amo
Thnx for your answer -

i bought it a juno downloads UK - (they are out of stocks now) - i am wondering what would be the best way to proceed for exchange or warranty..

the new firmware didn't change the situation - still noise on VCO and other algorithms - no delay - no filter - and wired general behavior of the module.

what about this 3V stable reference that has to be plugged to the X jack? what should i use any idea?

Thnx in advance
I'll split this off to a separate thread.
Are you absolutely confident that you applied the firmware update? Do you see v3.1 indicated in the startup sequence? If it's not clear to you, shoot a video on your phone or something and post it.

There are any number of ways of creating a 3V reference. For example, you might use a MIDI/CV converter, outputting a pitch 3 octaves up from its 0V position.
Dean Amo
noise problem .

Boot sequence : before microcard procedure

after micro sd procedure :

calibration :

i used a doepfer A190 3 for 3V but i am not really sure i did well - (just used the CV note output of the A190 into the X input of the disting ...

Hope it will help to determine and fix the problem

The second boot sequence video shows the firmware version is still at v3.0, so you don't have the new firmware installed.

In the calibration video, you only connected the reference input to X. You need to connect it to Y also, after the LED flashes again.
Dean Amo
so i dont really get how to install the FW - i did copy the file in a micro SD card straight into it (no sub folder and there is only this file into the micro SD) - then i followed the procedure -

I can t read how to see what FW is installed ... what would be the correct display with 3.1 fw?

The startup sequence is described here:

The relevant bit is

all 8 at once
1 + major firmware version number as binary on a/b/c/d (a is LSB)
all off
1 + minor firmware version number as binary on a/b/c/d (a is LSB)
1 + flash a twice

so after all 8 flash, you're currently seeing a 3 (a & b on, c & d off) followed by a 0 (a-d all off).

For v3.1, you'll get the 3, then a 1 (a on).
Dean Amo
can t perform the upgrade of the fw - i really dont get what i am doing wrong. ....

would be great if you make a video to illustrate with the new fw the boot sequence --- just to compare -

maybe a video for calibration and FW update would be help full : here is what i have as boot sequence . so guess i can make the disting copy the file from the micro sd ... is there a way we could perform this together step by step?? skype / tel ...

here is what i guet after the fw perform - i can t see where / when it is displayed...
Dean Amo
sorry i dint put the link
Dean Amo
getting nervous not to be able to f¡perform the fw update ... nothing to fancy to do.. maybe i am not that smart smile

thnx for your help
Here's a video:

Dean Amo
here is my sequence :[


assuming that i have copied the image.hex into the micro sd card (micro SD has been formated in MSDOS) - file straight into the drive (no sub folder)

i perform it well but.....
Are you quite sure you downloaded the 3.1 version and not the 3.0 version?
Dean Amo

you re right!! thnx for pointing this out to me - downloaded the 3.1 FW

Now here is the FW upgrade process and boot sequence but i m still not sure it worked ---

here is the illustration :


any suggestion?[/video]
Yes, that shows 3.1 is installed now.
Dean Amo
wonderfull!! thnx for your help !!!!! so second thing to do is to recalibrate the module on 3V stable right?


Yes, if it needs it. If you've already calibrated on v3.0 you don't need to recalibrate on v3.1.
Dean Amo
working like a charm now"!!! a big thank you for this precious help -
No need to ship it back --- Great piece of gear btw and it sounding really really nice!!

ES disting mk3 rules!!!
Good to hear, thanks.
Thanks this also helped me alot!
Bought some random Micro SD card from Currys, pre-formatted with exFAT filesystem.
Copied the unzipped v3.1 image.hex file on it using OSX, then followed the firmware update instructions as written on the ES web site, line by line - my Disting ran through some boot cycle but did not stop to wait for me to release the S encoder to start the actual update process. Instead, LEDs a & b flashed alternately in the end after the rest of the spectacle while I was still holding down the S encoder, just like they should after a successful update.
Needless to say, rebooting the Disting did not reveal 3.1 firmware being present.
Then I decided to reformat my Micro SD card to FAT32 using a Linux system suspecting that there was some issue reading the image.hex file properly although I never saw LEDs 3 & c flash alternately to indicate that the firmware file could not be found on the card.
So, after reformatting, I copied image.hex on the card and tried to update the Disting again.
This time things appeared to work better - booting paused to wait for me to release the S encoder before preceding to update the module, just as seen in the videos.
The boot sequence now showed 3.1 firmware installed - I was filled with joy - but when I started to go through the algorithms, I noticed that the v3.1 Reference Guide does not match with the algorithm layout in my Disting.
That can't be right, can it?
How mysterious. You're not just confusing the two banks of algorithms? How are the algorithms arranged?
os wrote:
How mysterious. You're not just confusing the two banks of algorithms? How are the algorithms arranged?
and of course I was confusing the two banks smile
classic case of idiot user - seems like i'm off to a good start on this forum grin

anyway, if there's anything for me to contribute here it's maybe that if other people should run into a similar issue with reading the firmware image off their Micro SD card with their Disting, then according to my experience the filesystem type of the card can be a potential culprit. either that or the operating system you copy the file on the card with.

at least in my case having copied the image.hex file on a 64G exFAT micro SD card using OSX did not provide me with a working firmware update medium.

please correct me if i'm wrong, os
I haven't noticed any mention about supported filesystem formats that the Disting understands, so maybe the above could be relevant to someone...
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