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good quality knurled 3.5mm jack nuts
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Author good quality knurled 3.5mm jack nuts
I started panel mounting some jacks for mults, attenuverters etc, in the extra space on my case. however the nuts are a bit loose, and dont have many threads due to being very thin and having a chamfered hole. when i tighten them they skip and sometimes pop right off the jack (one of them actually flew across the room) in my parts i did find one that is much nicer, the face looks machined, they are thicker and the fit is better.

they are the nuts that came from thonk to go with "thonkiconn" jacks. they are fine on actual modules because they are not the only thing holding it.

does anyone know where i can find the better ones?

also that mouser nut driver for knurled nuts is pretty crap.
i know what your talking about with the machined-looking ones - found some in my bin too - far more consistent in the slot size. i actually think those are the ones that shipped with the beige kobicons; not 100% certain as my parts organization these days is shit, perhaps someone else might confirm...

last week i got a few baggies of nuts from erthenvar - a vast improvement from the ones that used to ship with the thonkicon jacks, though not as nice as the mystery machined ones. at least they fit the mouser driver a bit more consistently.

to that point, a few swipes on the mouser tool with some abrasive cord did wonders for its usability for me. if you'd care to have a go with that, lemme know - i can pop a length of it in the mail for you. while the spools last forever, they can be a bit pricy.
i have some needle files which will probably work, did you just square up the little teeth?

im thinking of making my own driver because on the mouser one the center pin is too small and that makes it flop around when trying to register in the grooves.

i had experience making a similar tool for bicycle spoke nipples.
The business of tightening knurled nuts on jacks finally got me so frustrated that I spent way too much time this weekend making this:

Problem solved, I think...
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