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Drum machine for rock/prog music?
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Author Drum machine for rock/prog music?
Greetings all!!! So i'm beginning to look into from machines...

I want to use it for song writing/building and for accents to a live drummer. But as much as I like electronica, I like drums to sound like drums. Is there a solution that falls into the Volca Beats category in terms of price and interface that includes passable drum sounds?

Thanks in advance!
I used to use an old Alesis HR16b for an act I had in the late 90's early 2000's. I just played bass, ran tape loops and had the drum machine. Lots of folks thought it was a recorded drummer. Which to anyone familiar with drum machines is a laugh. But ordinary folks are less discriminating.
There is also the HR18? I think that is the model which came after and is presumably better sounding. I liked the HR16 because it has this lid that flips up with all the instructions printed on it.
Also it has 4 outs, so you can isolate the kick and snare for eq.

Frankly I think most of us synth nerds are more into the gadgets that sound exactly NOT like real drums.
Oh dude, if you want something affordable for drums, I highly recommend Zoom RT-123's. They have a huge variety of sounds for different genres, as well as groove loop performance. They can handle a foot pedal as well, which I've just been getting into after having two of these Zooms for over a decade. They even have a bunch of bass patched, which can be used in groove play. I know it's not modular or analog, but they are super sweet little boxes!
Most of the units that come to mind are from the 90's, Roland R8 and Yamaha RY30 on top as they offer a wide selection of sounds and deep programming, a more unusual choice with a trickier interface is the Korg S3.
any of these choices are good. And you are lucky that the current trend is toward electronic sounds, so realistic PCM drums are going to be pretty cheap. I bet you can pick up a functional drum machine for less than $100.
Zoom 323, 223, MRT
Another vote for Zoom. I have the RT-234 (Zoom's first drum machine) and it's great for rock and very friendly to use. Also consider the Alesis SR-16 and SR-18, and stuff like the Boss DR-770. But I like the Zoom more.
Man, a lot of great advice here. I think this might be the most "on it" and patient forum I've joined. I really appreciate the advice! I'm liking that my taste is running away from market on these drum machines. That doesn't happen very often.
Paranormal Patroler
The Drum Buddy pedal is also an excellent solution
especially for solo gigs!
Also consider the Yamaha QY700. It has a number of kits (rock, jazz, analog) and an excellent sequencer. In fact, it takes the place of a band if programmed right (i.e. Atom and His Package).
Benjaymun wrote:
Also consider the Yamaha QY700. It has a number of kits (rock, jazz, analog) and an excellent sequencer. In fact, it takes the place of a band if programmed right (i.e. Atom and His Package).

Love the old fashioned keyboard keys!
Bump hihi

Looking for something not too antiquated that can do passable rock/prog/metal drums. Is there anything like that out there? Can the Jomox get anywhere close? Pulsar-23? Ideally I would like to avoid having to load my own samples, eg with Digitakt and the like.

Bonus points if it can nail the DMX sound too! hihi
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