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Model 416 Easel Breakout-Box [preliminary interest check]
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Author Model 416 Easel Breakout-Box [preliminary interest check]
----- 03 June UPDATE -----

Things are finally falling into place...

Both the Model 416 Meta Interface (and associated Edge Card) & the Model 416 Meta Expander have been reworked completely, as to obtain 100% comptaibility with the Easel's Program Card.

The Model 416 Meta Interface and 416 Edge Card are done.
This DIY solution will be available soon, once I get the obligatory administrative stuff behind me, and finish the website, user-manual & build guide.
I'm not decided yet whether to offer the Interface as a kit only, a full-DIY solution, or both...
Price & full details t.b.a.

The Model 416 Meta Expander is nearly done as well.
Currently working on the hardware-side of this (panel, custom-boat, etc) ~ unfortunately, this gobbles up more time than a black hole.

(note that the ribbon cable will be slightly longer when delivered)

cheers !

----- end update -------------
Totally interested. Full build would be amazing. Even just including a front panel, boat and parts with the pcbs would be so incredible. Can't wait.
Interested !(me and a friend)
Yes, interested - but i would prefer a fully or partial DIY with pcb´s
and panel thumbs up
Interested in full DIY assembly with panel
I'm also interested in
I'm in for a partial DIY. Thx
Looks nice
Interested on full build
Interested and you know it wink
Fully interested FULL build.
that look pretty cool, I'd probably be interested in DIY. good luck
Very interested - a kit (PCB and panel) would work for me
Don T
I'd be interested in a set of PCBs, and if a panel is done, one of those as well.

If anyone wants one built for them...
Hi all,

Thanks for the replies -- good to see there's some solid interest; that makes the chance of it really happening a lot bigger.

From my experiences with my twin-Easel BOB - both live and in the studio - you'd be surprised how much more powerful the [already powerful] Easel becomes... and that's even without the extra [Expander] modules.. Well, I have the Comparators and a VC Panner on the twin-Easel, but that panner design (vactrol based) proved to be too noisy ~ the new panner is a lot better, and is based on CLee's hi-end design.
It's especially the Comparators which open up the Easel. I once hooked up & synchronised my whole studio to the Easel -- Aemit modular, Oberheim modular, Eurorack system & 16-panel Serge, and that was just... awesome. Though, admittedly, clocking the Easel from external trigger sources isn't always obvious, because of its internal trigger-source routing; but it can be done.

In other good news: our most trusted Buchla-boat-builder-outside-of-Bemi, mr. Boops himself, has commited to help me out on boat & panel building, if all things go forward as planned. nanners

The features from the extra modules from the 416 Expander - Panner, LFO, Slew & Comparators - are pretty much set in stone, but the CV-Processor is a new addition (top-middle section)... Suggestions for that space more than welcome !

This is a complex project, and I'm doing my best to get things produced as soon as possible, but there's still a ton of work to do, so please be patient. It's much appreciated.

Interested also hyper
Yes, very interested thumbs up
This might make finally buy an easel. screaming goo yo
Very very interested!
I too am quite interested in a kit.
You said the expander board is optional.
Just as information, are you also planning a panel for the interface only?
Interested in PCB's + Front Panel. Please don't use any vintage parts that will break the bank grin
+1 interested! screaming goo yo
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