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Anyone ever owned a Fender Pro Reverb?
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Author Anyone ever owned a Fender Pro Reverb?
I've been looking around for a while for a new guitar amp and came across this because it seems perfect on paper, but I wanted to know if anyone has had experience with these? Mainly if they will break up. I was looking at twins but they are far too clean for me.

Also, if anyone has any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them! thumbs up To let you know what I look for in a guitar amp:

1. Must have a good spring reverb
2. Have always preferred 2X12, but would consider 4X10 if it moves enough air and has enough bottom end.
3. I actually prefer a master volume- I know, I know... but I like to be able to control the amount the amp breaks up instead of depending on how loud I'm playing
4. Must be LOUD
5. Must be all tube
6. Must be mid 70s or before. I'm a firm believer in they don't make them like they used to- especially for tube amps.

So, based on my above criteria, I think the Pro Reverb sounds like a good bet as long as it breaks up well and can damage hearing. I've always been a Fender man too. Any help would be appreciated. I just had to unload a synth to fund this so I want to make the right decision!
take a look at a VOX AC30 reissue... somehow they seem to sound 'better' to my ears than fender- but in a very british way...
i love my twin. you can always breakup the tone on a clean amp w/ pedals, but you can't clean it up once it's dirty.

I have a Super Reverb, and it will do the whole "damage your hearing" Anything above 3 on the volume knob shakes the whole house.
Agreed. Actually I love the Pro as well as the Twin (never owned either, but have gigged with both), and I say find a fair deal and pull the trigger fast. The economy sucks and a modern amp of that quality would cost you almost as much (if not twice as much). The only real drawback with these fuckers is that they are ungodly heavy. Like heavier than you thought possible heavy, and awkward. For most people I want to remind them that a little vintage-style studio (now called "practice") amp will be a lot better in almost every regard than one of those tanks. Also, I'd advise against buying an amp hoping its breakup point will be perfect for your situation. Again, you're probably better off with something small if you want to easily dial in some farting, but even with a larger amp, I think it makes more sense to get whatever is a nice deal, then just change the speakers if you aren't perfectly satisfied. Keep the old ones, of course, for the money! But odds are, no speaker will be a perfect fit, unless you test it in your room/venue first...
modularland wrote:
take a look at a VOX AC30 reissue

I borrowed this a couple times on a tour I did with another band and liked it, but I seriously have a phobia of newer amps having had couple that broke down constantly.

@fluxmonkey- I almost bought a twin last night actually thinking the same thing (I didn't because it didn't work as perfectly as advertised). That I'd just use pedals, even though I usually use pedals on top of an already overdriven amp. I got a lot of mistakes to cover up! lol But I started worrying that it may not have the bite I was looking for.

@Synthbaron- the Super Reverb is definitely a contender. The problem with all these of course is that I refuse to buy an amp off ebay, so I'm stuck with what I can find locally.

@ Slovo- I like to see the audience's hair fly back when I hit a chord, so I can't deal with the lower wattage. I play through a Musicman HD-130 head and 4X12 cab now, so I was looking at the Twin to downsize! SlayerBadger! But I think you may be right about not limiting my search based on breakup point, kind of like what fluxmonkey was saying.
Pockets McCoy
fracinfrucer wrote:
modularland wrote:
take a look at a VOX AC30 reissue

I borrowed this a couple times on a tour I did with another band and liked it, but I seriously have a phobia of newer amps having had couple that broke down constantly.

While I know you're looking for something old, I figure I'll just put in a very good word for the AC-30 reissues. It's absolutely my go-to for throwing what essentially amounts to my cacophonous guitar-slop into an already overdriven amp to cover it all in a nice, beautiful layer of perfectly overdriven tube-o-licious glory. And it's painfully, teeth-shatteringly loud, oh my god is it loud. After a bit more than two years of being carted around and abused, I've had no issues aside from inevitable cosmetic ones.
OK, I ended up with a 1975 Twin Reverb. Amazing condition and original everything, including the footswitch and cover! $700 seemed like a steal, but who knows, these things are going for cheap these days. This thing takes pedals so differently than my musicman, it's going to take some getting used to, but it sounds sweet to these ears. It's even got all GE tubes except one, which I'll have to "rectify" soon. It's pretty much the loudest thing ever. I was trying to play quietly and my ears were still ringing! woah Thanks for all the advice!
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