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Buchla repair person in UK / europe
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Author Buchla repair person in UK / europe
Hi all,

I have a buchla module with some non-functioning outputs that i'd love to get looked at to see if it can be brought back to life. Does anyone know of a tech dude in the UK (or failing that, in europe) who would be willing / able to look at it and diagnose / fix the problem?

Hey Tom!

Try Keith 'Lucidsounds' Kniveton in Cornwall. He is really good and a gent on top. He has in the past worked on vintage 200 and liaised with Rick in Canada, I believe, on a kind of 'consultancy' basis towards the repairs. If your module is 200e that might bode well given that Rick is one likely a few people capable of nursing sick 200e modules back to life. Good luck and PM me if you need Keith's details - I have them around somewhere and I'm sure I can track them down for you. Cheers
Hi Momo. Thats great to hear, I hope it is OK to PM you for his details in case I need them in the future.
Shasta Cults
yes keith is the guy in the UK for Buchla.. anyone in north america needs some work let me know.. you can PM me or message echo7even at yahoo
Hey momo, thanks! I knew there was someone in cornwall (david at postmodular mentioned him, but couldn't find his details).

I've emailed lucidsounds on here, but the account doesn't look too active...

I'll PM you for his details. And we must get together soon! I have my 291e now, and have just expanded to a 12-space, just working out what to put in it next...

Happy new year!
Great - let me know and it will be good to meet! You have a 291e? Lovely - hope you've made robot noises with it, endless fun! The Chewbacca Defense

Yes do PM me for the details for Keith. He's a real gent. When I went to drop off an MS20 for repair to him in 2011, he asked me why I was fixing it up with a view to selling it, so I explained that I was hoping to procure a small Buchla (200e) system. He smiled back at me and said "go take a look in my living room". The sight was one to behold.... It was an amazing vintage 200 / 100 system in for repair.
something wonderful
Bumping this thread - can anyone pass on the details for the tech guy mentioned? Thanks.
Hi all, I think this is my first post here!

Rebooting a very old thread... does anyone know if Kieth is still doing Buchla repairs? And if so would someone be able to ping me some details??
I believe that KMR Audio in London does official Buchla repairs.
You might reach out to them
vgermuse wrote:
I believe that KMR Audio in London does official Buchla repairs.
You might reach out to them

Was going to say Tom at KMR is your official guy.
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