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Juno 66 installed, now, to calibrate the synth...
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Author Juno 66 installed, now, to calibrate the synth...
So, I've got the j66 mod installed and was planning on performing a full calibration according to the Roland service manual. The one problem-- Can't seem to boot into test mode anymore... wonder if it's even possible with the new CPU.

Am I right in assuming it has to be done the hard way and have to create the test programs manually on the fly? I wonder how much the mod is going to affect doing the calibration correctly...
it might be possible the test mode is not included in the mod. Will look into this and include it in a future update.

If you still have the original CPU you can use it to get into test mode and perform calibration. In this case however you need to remove the 'pitch bend resistors' of the mod.

Apologies for the inconvenience
so any update on this,please? just installed the Juno66.but since the original cpu was broken, I can't enter test mode now to calibrate the synth.
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