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RIP, Malcolm McLaren
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Author RIP, Malcolm McLaren
Certainly had his finger on the pulse of the avant-garde for quite awhile...

a seemingly decent writeup:
...and may he rot in hell.

Wow. Really? I didn't know...
what? he tried to bring square dance/hillbilly into '80s pop! imagine if this took off!
was he as bad as Stevø?
worse than stevo i'd say.

some good stories about mclaren in john lydon's biography. wink

as an aside, i was in love with stevo's girlfriend as a child... anyone else remember cleo rocos from the kenny everett tv show?

Does anyone know if he ever released his 8-bit album, fashion beast?

I can't find anything on it because google is littered with hits about his failed movie project and childrens clothing line of the same name confused y_malcolm_mclaren.php
Interesting fellow, but having him as your manager sounds like it would be a particular type of hell. Some of the pieces I've read in the papers about the guy are irritatingly hagiographical.
Tim Stinchcombe
I can remember how stunned I was to learn that he had penned 'Aria on Air', presumably commissioned by British Airways for their TV ads in the early 90s, and then many years later discovering he had done a whole album, 'Fans', of similar opera/pop/R & B (and to my mind it is the operatic arias that make it, not the R & B/pop...). He surely must have been an interesting individual.

I think that one should consider him as a guy who was entertaining while claiming other people's art as his own. Any actual success beyond initial financing was always someone else's doing. In many ways his bullshit was really his only true art.

Here are some of the actual artists who's work he took credit for or in some way attached himself to:

Clothing: Vivian Westwood, Jamie Reid, various store clerks.

Music: New York Dolls, Sex Pistols, Eddie Tutorpole, Adam and The Ants, Bow Wow Wow, Africa Bambatta, Bootsy Collins, etc.

Film: Julian Temple

Aside from a zillion projects he totally failed with he also claimed to have taken part in the 68 Paris student riots which he didn't.
I love Duck Rock!!

well.. mainly.. "Obatala"
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