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[Project] Diy Oscilloscope // JYETech DSO 112 / Eurorack
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Author [Project] Diy Oscilloscope // JYETech DSO 112 / Eurorack
Hi Wigglers,

Thought I’d share with u guys my DIY oscilloscope adaptation for Eurorack.

I used the JYE TECH DSO112 oscilloscope with touchscreen and made a panel for it using FPE. Here's the DSO112 taken apart. its 4 screws easy.

The panel has 4 X M3 2cm long studs on the back that fit perfectly to the DSO112 pcb holes. I left the mcx connectors cos its nicer imo and why not?

Also, as can be seen in the photos I used the plastic back cover of the DSO112 to make a cool back panel that fits like a charm.

In order to cancel the power button action there is a need to short jumper marked "J8" AND bypass the switch so it wont stay on all the time causing the dso112 to shut down. Like this:

I mounted a 16pin header and used the +5vdc straight from my psu. I guess that u can also build a simple converter to switch from 12v to 5v if u want to. I was lazy smile

Connect the +5v to "J9"

Attached to this post my FPE file that worked great for my build.

That's it.

If build your own - dont forget to post it here.
Very nice! How responsive is the scope?
Thanks. it does the job for Audio. Runs like a charm (there's a video link)

Here is the jye tech site's specs:
Nice build docu, thanks!
Many thanks Orenhag,

Lets dance!

It's start: pannel ordered to Express with you file. I just modify font type and stroke... I look forward to build mine.
I want to try with a home made 12 to 5V convertor
I did a similar thing with a DSO150 a couple of years ago, butr it was a lot more complex a task because I had to move its "multi function controls" from the PCB to the front panel (they are side mounted on the 150).
Nice!!! I will definitely try this out. It would seem to fit the fill for certain simple calibration procedures I presently find annoying using a big bulky scope while sitting in front of the rack. A standalone scope makes sense for me to use on the workbench, but in the context of a rack this diy solution seems great for quick read outs.

I am a little in doubt about the shorting of connections though. Shorting J8 is fairly clear, but any chance you can elaborate on the other one? The provided image is not super clear to me. I don't want to cook off anything if doing it wrong.

Thanks for posting this and the panel file. It's much appreciated!

Now on to open front panel designer and get a quote
Thanks guys. It is really an easy build.

Fitzgreyve - At first i tried doing it with the dso138 but that was an insane job. Orob like the 150. This one is a breeze. The hard part was getting it right with the panel. And i did that already so...

Shorting j8 will make the dso112 light up when current is on. The problem is that it means that the dso112 thinks the switch is "pressed" all the time causing it to shut down. Therefore u need to short and bypass it altogether. This is why u need to short that small switch marked in the photo.

Here is a bigger photo.

Its a very easy build. It works great. Just be careful handling the dso112. Its full of smd's and quite sensitive to static.
This is great. Thanks for sharing! Gonna order one too grin
Outstanding. After seeing Sducks 5u scope, this is going into the queue ASAP.
nicely done!
love love
Eh bien voilà!

I built my own thanks to indications Orenhag.
I chose to file its slightly before making the panel. (The font and signarure)

I also chose to keep the button instead of the bypass and make a little DC converter with the 7805 converter. I must look at this side because it heats a little too much, perhaps with a heat sink ...

Many many thanks for works & help to Orenhag applause
Nice job!
orenhag wrote:
Nice job!

Thank you Master thumbs up
and here's mine. kept the switch since I dont want it on all the time
these are awesome, wish i had the HP
Do any of the JYE scopes offer decent FFT metering?
Can you guys tell me about how much those panels cost from fpe?

I paid $46 at CAM Expert. You can get an instant quote using Front Panel Designer for FPE..
Thank you!
Guess I need to download the designer.

This looks awesome!

How did u make the switch?
orenhag wrote:

This looks awesome!

How did u make the switch?

I didnt, just took off the one that was there and replaced it with one that had an outy actuator
First, like to say thanks to Orenhag for the information and file; much appreciated! Second, thanks to everyone else whom have contributed.

Working on my Panel design and need some help understanding the Scope and Circuitry.

1) In Orenhag's and Cavimaster's photos, the 3.5mm Jacks for the "In" (50Vpk Max Connector) are wired in series. Panel is labeled In and Out, but as wired, the Jacks are BOTH In and Out; Correct?

2) The Test Connector ONLY produces a signal, the Jack is ONLY out; Correct?

3) What type of Button did Altitude909 use? Source, part number, similar to a different button, etc?

4) Cavimaster used a separate On/Off Button. What type of button? Momentary push, On/Off latching, etc.?

5) To use a separate Button, I can use the solder pads next to the existing Button, and then simply solder leads to my button; Correct?

6) For power, I have a skiff with 5V. I am guessing the Ribbon/Connector will be 16 Pin and I will only use the one wire on the Ribbon to 5V+ on the DSO and one wire for the Ground on the Ribbon to the Ground on the DSO. Anything wrong with my assumptions?

7) It should be obvious by now I am new to synth DIY by now... so last question, source for the Ribbon Cable, Header, and Connector?

Thanks in advance for the help! Already bought the scope and looking to order a panel within the next week.
I'm liking these DIY scope modules. Anyone know of a cheap 2-channel version? Would be great to replace my Hitachi V-212!
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