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Getting both mk I and mk ][ Harvestman module versions
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Author Getting both mk I and mk ][ Harvestman module versions
As someone fortunate enough to have the mk I and mk ][ version of Piston Honda and Double Andore, the differences in the mk Is and ][s are significant enough to warrant having both.
Thus, comparing the mk ][ and mk I in terms of one being an upgrade to the other is sort of misleading, similar to viewing the Hertz Donut as an "upgrade" to the Piston Honda (or vice versa).

I find the mk Is easier to obtain interesting sounds, almost instantly, whereas the mk ][s require some dialing in. This might be attributable to the cleanliness of the mk ][s versus the "character" of the mk I originals.

Can the same be said for the other modules?
had MKI and MKII HD side by side for a long time. enjoyed them both. push came to shove and had to part w/one of them. sold the MKII but now i want it again.

they are different. different in a lot of ways. the MKII maybe has more range/depth and a sharpness or precision in its character that is elusive in the MKI. the MKII has some added modulations and more dynamics in its dance or something.

they both can get weird and creamy and fuzzy and bouncy and the 'stupid' tracking mode is fucking great.

so, yeah.. both. i want the HD MKII again some day.
I have both
Zorlon 1 & MKII
Tyme sefari 1 & MKII
malgorythm 1 & MKII
Double Andore 1 & MKII

They all sound very diffrent applause
but I think the zorlon cannon MKII and Malgorythm MKII are way more improved and I could removed the old version from the case..... I wont sell them but I could keep them in the collection. waah
Double Andore

mk I great for glitching, percussive, cutting skritch.

mk ][ great for softer dronecloud eruptions and violence. reinforced by the long throw slide faders, whereas the mk I has the quicktwist knobs

Completely different in my eyes.
The MKII without the expander has only the VCA drone and the ''Variable'' envelope out that the MK1 have not.

The MK1 has ADSR with the envelope mix out, the freeze and mirror option
wavetable. Different table for the rise and decay
a clock out for each EoA & EoD

I hope the Nikolai expander will bring back those functions or some other equally powerfull kixk Ass options nanners

Anyway I'll keep both MKII & MK1 foreever
cant patch whitout them waah
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