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Best bass modules..
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Author Best bass modules..
I really want to get some HUGE bass sounds for a certain project i'm working on. I've only had my modular for a week or so (i'll post some pics when i get all the modules together), so am pretty much a virgin.

I need a pretty aggressive fat sound, without distortion. I have a Model 15 and RS95e VCO, also a Model 12 filter and Model 13 DTG, and am getting some really great sounds but not the huge monster sound i envisaged. maybe its just a matter of patching or perhaps i need a different filter?

This is my setup below..

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated! confused

cool, thanks.. AMD SlayerBadger!
Personally I find that PWM sounds with the right filter give the most massive bass sounds. With an sawtooth sawtooth pitched an octave down and mixed in appropriately with the PWM before the filter, that might just do the trick.

Use the M13 as the mixer and the M12 as the filter. I don't have an M12, but from what I heard, the Low Q 12dB slope combination and Low Pass output with a moderate amount of resonance might do the trick. You don't want so much resonance that it's "squirty", but enough that when the filter drops lower, it's really enhancing the low frequencies.

And add an EG / LFO to the filter for a little dynamics.
just patched that up and got some really fat sounds, nice one Felix!! SlayerBadger!

Think i might look at getting a nastier filter, i love the sound of the Synthi but i was thinking of perhaps the Wasp or Polivoks or maybe evil twin.. hmm.. twisted
I really like the Frequensteiner for really massive and slightly buzzy bass and drone sounds. It's not as "tight" sounding as the Polivoks can be and it's not "spitty" either, like I have heard the M11 sound like.

It also responds very musically to audio rate modulation. It has some kind of slower response, almost vactrol-like to the CV ins that make it sound so smooth. Very fast EGs, for example, sound very smooth and not real spiky on some filters.

Out of the three filters I currently have, Frequensteiner, Polivoks, Doepfer A-105, I like the Frequensteiner best; slightly better than the Polivoks. Although I really prefer the Polivoks when I'm filtering "non-synthy" sounds. For example, filtering whatever I've recorded with the Tyme Sefari or the output of the Zorlon Cannon sounds better filtered with the Polivoks.

The Frequensteiner is out-of-stock everywhere right now, but as I understand it that's the first module up in the next Livewire batch.
Also, try this...use a Highpass on the PWM sound, and then use a Lowpass on the octave down sawtooth sound and mix those and see what you get. Overdriving the front end of the filter for the sawtooth sound might get you a bit thicker too. You could try overdriving the PWM sound, but that starts to get a bit noisy.
The Asys Synthi filter and the Doepfer A-105 SSM filter are the bassiest ones I've had (the latter the most). The Frequensteiner has a bit of a high pass cutoff even in LP mode so I can't use it for bass. The Polivoks is good as well.
what kind of bass sound are you looking for?

my most obsessive project with modular has been getting throbbing bass sounds. i am firmly convinced that there is no better basis for a killer bass patch than fm through a wave multiplier followed by a lowpass with little resonance.
consumed wrote:
what kind of bass sound are you looking for?

To Be honest it interesting hearing what different techniques poeple use and trying them out, its a great way to learn around the synth..
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