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5U Modules Component List and suppliers
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Author 5U Modules Component List and suppliers
I'm currently building my first group of Oakley modules (and with fantastic results if I say so myself - actually Tony's designs and supporting documentation are second to none).
As part of this process I have developed a spreadsheet listing the modules, their components and a list of UK/German suppliers and the component part numbers. The sheet includes approximate pricing info, I haven't always added VAT, you can't always buy in single quantities, some prices are where I've obtained a quantity discount - however if you want to know the ball park cost of building a module this will give a fair idea. I have gone for quality components throughout so they are not necessarily the cheapest, however the end results are superb.

If you can use spreadsheets and excel Pivot tables this provides an easy and quick way to generate order lists and/or module parts lists or group/filter the data in sheet 1 any way you want. I find it very useful.

I haven't listed part numbers for most resistors or worried about whether the supplier has 0.25w or 0.4w variants. I'll be adding a few more modules as I build them and if there is interest I will re-post when the file is updated.
Just what I was looking for!
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