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Connecting eurorack with bugbrand 1 frame (grounding)
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Author Connecting eurorack with bugbrand 1 frame (grounding)
So i tried to hook up make noise brains/pressure points to my Bugbrand 1 frame modular yesterday with no luck. I am doing something wrong with the grounding probably. Could someone please explain to me how this is done?

I have a few eurorack to banana cables. And yes i have read the bugbrand manual, but still having problems. Or do i need some converters?

Any feedback would be very appreciated.


First connection should be made with a 'grounding cable' to establish the 0V common link between systems. With my interface cables you get one which has two cables - a black (0V/Ground) and a white (signal). Join the black one to the 0V/Ground black banana socket on the BugBrand Frame. Once you've established this 0V link, further signal connections are made simply with 1 wire signal cables (white in my interface packs)
Thanks Tom!

It worked.

Happy camper now smile

Rockin' Banana!
Just wondering (want to be sure about it ): it IS possible to make connections between BB and Euro simply with euro to banana cables (including 1 ground cable )? Or you additionally need some kind of converter/interface for this task?

Are those cable sets still (or will be) available from Tom?
[it is always best to be aware of what the voltage behaviour is, but mainly for best reaction/behaviour rather than risk of damage - for example, knowing that your voltage range is 0V to +5V, may require x2 amplification for full scale modulation etc.]

I can usually make up cable sets quickly - just email. I only do them for customers like you - not looking to sell them generally to anyone due to time constraints.
Simply Great!

Still no euro system in the house, but now I know that we are not completely isolated from the euro world)
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