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Vintage modular (HP 50's/60's test equipment) @de Toonzaal
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Author Vintage modular (HP 50's/60's test equipment) @de Toonzaal
I posted this in the MW Facebook group yesterday but since not everyone is on FB I thought it might be interesting for people on the regular forum as well:

I have been attending a course in analog synthesis the last few weeks in the Toonzaal in Den Bosch ('s Hertogenbosch) in the Netherlands.
The studio where this takes place has an immense collection of (mainly HP) measuring and analysis modules from the 1950's and '60's:

HP4204A sine generator(3)
HP3300A voltage controlled function generator(2);
HP3305A sweep plug-in/HP3302A phase-lock loop plug-in;
HP3310B voltage controlled wide-range function generator;
HP8005A pulse generator(2);
HP8006A 16-32 bits serial word generator/pseudo-random noise generator(3);
HP3722A noise generator gaussian and binairy, variable bit length and clock (2);
HP8056A filter set, 24 bands, individual band outputs;
HP215A narrow pulse generator;
HP3590A wave analyzer, filter, sine generator, sideband demodulator;
HP120B oscilloscope(2);
HP5325A frequency counter;
HP3430A digital voltmeter dc;
HP3400A RMS voltmeter ac-dc converter;
HP5200A frequency meter FM demodulator;
EG&GParc model 121 Lock-in Amplifier (special filter, phase indicator, sine generator);
EG&G model 189 Selective Amplifier (multi-mode filter,quadrature sine oscillator)

And an ARP 2600 and a Hitachi 240 analog computer (with 40 OpAmps/inverting summers, 12 integrators, 6 multipliers, 40 potentiometers, 2 variable diode function generators, control logics)


Patching is done mostly with BNC cables, but it's fun to see that in principle it works just like my Eurorack setup only much larger (and more precise). Very enlighting and inspiring!

The Toonzaal Studio is:
An Open Analog Electronic Music Studio for Experiment, Education, and Production.

The studio features wide-band precision sound synthesis equipment, analog computation, and both analog and digital recording, processing, and production. It is focussed on specialized techniques for both manual (or classic) and voltage controlled analog synthesis and sound design. The studio will be wired with its' concert hall to enable unique combinations of live stage performance with pre-recorded or live studio performances.

The studios' artistic goal is to be open to any style and branch of current music, and as such seeks to aid and raise quality in cross-over experimentation, improvisation, and composition. In terms of education and research this studio will also serve as a centre to gather, maintain, and propagate the body of knowledge of the art of analog synthesis. The studio is carried by a team of dedicated studio technicians, teachers, and composers with decades of experience in this field. The first productions have started already.

We do invite you for a visit or work at the studio, to become our partner for possible projects and/or student exchange programs, or to just ask for more specific information if needed.
We hope to welcome you in our music centre De Toonzaal in the city of 's-Hertogenbosch.

For information on residencies mail

More info:
Technical specifications: pecs-1.pdf
nice..... thanx. cool
i'm a fan of vintage test gear but i've never seen it like that before. eek!

can you imagine just how much of that stuff had been thrown out/scrapped in the past. angry
Fascinating...thanks for sharing the info and images.
love saw your FB post yesterday and MY ASS IS BLEEDING
I've seen it in action. Very impressive...
Thanks for sharing. I have become increasingly more interested in doing research on old equipment like this.
I sometimes run into old test equipment. But this is amazing.
Michael O.
Coolest gear I've seen in a while, and the two old Tascam Teac mixers to the left- love it. Reminds me of this teachers' analog computer I used to noodle around with and get sound out of back in the day.
- I have a HP8010 Pulse Generator along with some other test equipment that stays set up with my modular. It doesn't get used that often, but its fun to tinker, interfacing it with my eurorack. The period counter will keep track of elapsed measures if you send it the end pulse from a sequencer or it will scroll at audio rate speed with a square wave input. I love the warm glow of nixie tubes! I have searched years for a nice analogue computer to use, but they are pricey if you can ever find one. Some of these units I inherited, the others I have found at university surplus auctions. The equipment pictured from top to bottom is:

Knight - Sine / Square wave Generator
(I think this was a kit that my father built)

Exact Electronics - Type 255 Function Generator

Computer Measurement Company -
Model 7068N Frequency Period Counter

Computer Measurement Company -
Model 605A Universal Counter Timer

Hewlett Packard - 8010A Pulse Generator

Detail of the HP-8010A
Do you have any recordings of the beast in action?
I'd also be interested in hearing wha tit sounds like
wow tiz an Arp2600 too love
12 march there will be a DIY synth event at the Toonzaal, where all soundpieces of the workshops will be played. I guess we can put 'm online smile
Fuck me sideways! Now that's a set up!!!! SlayerBadger!

And those BIG knobs on the function generators.... Just wow
This thread really takes gear lust to the next level.

I feel dizzy and my ears are tingling... I must be in love.

I just stumbled upon this now, great studio!
I work at Elektronmusikstudion Stockholm and we are being given various test pieces of test equipment all the time, if we find the space we might set a mini version of this up too!
Also was offered a giant analog computer recently...hmmm! smile
WT analog studios
Hi Smartbits and the MW folks!

Thanks for posting this, it was more or less the start of something that has been growing quite a lot:-)

Let's give you a little update:

De Toonzaalstudio has been fused with other locations and is now called
Willem Twee studios

The studio mentioned in this post is expanded now, and there is a second studio with voltage controlled synths like the ARP2500, twe ARPs 2600, EMS Putney, Serge modular and more:-)

For an impression see our posts here:
and check our website and facebook:

So now we're up to date again:-)

Thanks for reading Chugging Beers and hope to see you there, all the best
Very cool, I will keep an eye out on any events! Thanks for sharing.
Damn - that's beautiful! Looks like a 60s science fiction movie.
Using old lab gear has a unique vibe to it - you never quite know where you'll end up (or why). But it takes up a fuck of a lot of space
unrecordings wrote:
But it takes up a fuck of a lot of space

...and probably never plan to move... these toys are heavy weighted as sh*t

...once had an old 60's russian tone generator... this damn thing was a massive unit of 14kg...
I was there a couple of times but never heard it in action.
Hope that will change soon!
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