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NTSC/PAL conversion with irritating colour issue. Help!
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Author NTSC/PAL conversion with irritating colour issue. Help!
very frustrating . I got myself a BPMC Fluxus which is NTSC native as well as two Sharp AN200SC Video Converters to get PAL media in and out of the unit. Both converters work fine in correcting sync issues but add this heavy pink hue to it's output rendering it pretty much useless, added an image for reference.

Since I bought two of these and they both function the same way so I don't think it's the converter itself but some other issue I can't get my head around. Anyone have any ideas as to what the problem could be and how to fix it?

I saw a decently priced NTSC/PAL converter in the Cheap Video Converters/Peripherals thread but I'm hesitant to go ahead and buy it if I'm just going to run into the same problem. Can anyone using one of the Ambery Format Converters vouch for it's effectiveness?


did you ever get this sorted out?

just picked up a Fluxus myself. I don't know if the unit has changed at all recently but on the manufacturer's website it says:

"The Fluxus is NTSC/PAL compatible, runs on a 9V battery and supports standard definition composite (RCA) video only."

Is the NTSC to PAL conversion necessary? Sorry if that's a silly question, still learning the video side of things.
If you're in America all your video equipment would most likely be NTSC and run perfectly fine with the Fluxus. It still works when running NTSC into PAL equipment and back but you'll just get some unexpected results. I did figure out my problem eventually and it has nothing to do with the Fluxus but with the actual converter itself, apparently it just turns things purple, that's what it does. Hope that answers your question!
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