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SympleSeq needs a buddy...
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Author SympleSeq needs a buddy...
I have a single SympleSeq (Universal) running and it has been great. But it's lonely, and needs a partner....or a slave!
Has anyone come up with a way to "slave" one unit to another? I could run these both independently, but it would be nice to find a way to make a 16 step sequence from the two working together.
I thought since these are fairly simple circuits, there might be a hack out there...
I am attempting this same thing: two separate v2.0 boards into one.
Have you had any luck?

All other threads seem to be about the older version or the pre-made double board.

It seems to combine double v1.0 boards you simply cut a clock signal trace on both boards and ran new wires off of the pads. I'm trying to find the equivalent on the newer board, but it's a headache!
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